Finding Ola: Everything We Know So Far

Charles kenny
Charles kenny
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The streaming powerhouse, Netflix, has officially announced that the new comedy-drama series, Finding Ola, is set to debut on February 3, 2022. The show can be watched in 190 countries with subtitles in 32 languages and dubbing in four languages.


Finding Ola revolves around the story of one woman who, ten years ago, was obsessed with getting married. Was once under pressure to tie the know before she turns 30.  Now that she gets what she really wanted, everyone thought she is living a perfectly happy life. But it all changed after a life-altering divorce.

“When a woman gets divorced, a part of her dies, it is true. But a whole other part is born. And I realized that I’m still alive,” says Ola.

Now she is on a quest to rediscover herself once again while dealing with the challenges that life is throwing her. How will she handle the responsibility of taking care of her two kids while making both ends meet? How can her responsibilities of being a mother, a daughter, and a pharmacist affect her plan on trying to accept love back into her life?

The show promised to give you an emotional journey about freedom, relationships, love, and independence.

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Finding Ola: Cast and Characters

The show is composed of star-studded artists. Taking the lead role is a Tunisian Actress and lawyer, Hend Sabry. Joining her is also another renowned actress, Sawsan Badr who will be portraying Suhari, Ola’s mother, and Hani Adel will play the role of the lead actress’ husband, Hisham. Nada Mousa, Mahmoud El-Leithy, Aisel Ramzy, Omar Sharif, Khaled El Nabawy, Yasmina El-Abd, and Dalia Shawky are said to join the cast as well.


‘Finding Ola’ is a remake of the 2010 Arabic show, I Want to Get Married. Good thing is, according to the makers, you do not need to watch the original show for you to follow the story of  Finding Ola.

Hend Sabry serves not just as the lead star of the show but also the Executive Producer of Finding Ola through her company Salam Prod. The show is composed of an A-list team as the characters are inspired by the great writer, Ghada AbdelalAal, scripted by Maha Alwazir and Ghada AbdelAal, and directed by Hadi El Bagoury.

When Sabry was asked what’s her vision of the show was, she said, As a producer I wanted this show to be as universal as possible and as relatable as possible to many civilizations and cultures around the world. Netflix is truly global. So if I hear about even just one Korean or Japanese person who goes on their Netflix, watches ‘Finding Ola’ and says: ‘That’s exactly like us!,’ then I will be super happy. That’s what a breakthrough is to me.”

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