Fleabag Season 3 – What we know so far?

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Fleabag is a British television comedy-drama series, first broadcast on 16 July 2016 on BBC Three. The six-part series follows a young woman, Fleabag (Phoebe Waller-Bridge), who is trying to cope with her grief following the death of her best friend. In each episode, Fleabag tells the story from a different location, using different props and characters, while always remaining in character. The first episode was written by Waller-Bridge as a monologue and adapted for television by her and director-producer Christopher Menaul. It was first performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2013. The series was created and written by Waller-Bridge, and produced by her and Menaul. The first episode was written by Waller-Bridge as a monologue and adapted for television by her and director-producer Christopher Menaul. It was first performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2013.

Fleabag Season 3

Why you should watch Fleabag?

Fleabag is a rare kind of show; one that is simultaneously funny, clever, heartbreaking, and heartbreakingly funny. It is a very clever piece of writing. It is also quite a modern take on an age-old story.  The main character of Fleabag is a young woman in her 20’s, who is trying to find her place in the world. She seems to have some success in her life, as a writer, she owns her own business, and she has some friends. But, she also has a pretty significant dark side. She is a bit selfish and can be kind of mean. But, this actually makes the comedy work. The comedy is based on the fact that we have all been there before. We have all been selfish or mean. We have all been a little bit self-absorbed. We have all been a bit jealous. We have all had moments where we are not entirely sure who we are. We have all had moments where we are not entirely sure what we want.

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It was the first broadcast on 10 July 2016 on BBC Three and was subsequently broadcast on Amazon Video. The series has also been made available on BBC iPlayer, All 4, and other streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu. The series began with a pilot, which was filmed and produced in 2013 but was not broadcast at the time. The series was then commissioned by the BBC and premiered in 2016. The series has been a critical success and has garnered numerous accolades, including winning the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series in 2017.

The series won the 2016 Rose d’Or and was nominated for a 2017 BAFTA TV Award for Best Situation Comedy. The show has been described as a comedy of manners and is both darkly comic and tragic. The dialogue is fast-paced and often very frank, complemented by the use of jump cuts and single-camera set-ups. The opening scene of the first episode is a shot of the interior of a church, but it is not clear whether or not a priest is saying Mass or giving a sermon. It turns out that Fleabag (Francesca Allen) is visiting a priest, confessing her sins.

Fleabag Season 3 Release Date

It has recently been revealed that the Fleabag season 3 will not be produced. Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who created the show and starred as the lead character, had insisted since shortly after season two wrapped up that there would not be a fleabag 3. “There might never be a season three,” she told The Hollywood Reporter in August 2019. “I feel like it’s done, but I do have a fantasy of bringing her back when I’m, like, 45 or 50.”The story is about this moment and fleabag becoming who she is now — someone who’s comfortable with herself for once,” Waller-Bridge told The Hollywood Reporter about why she ended the show now [in November 2018] “I’m going to have to respect that arc and let her live for a while.” She also said it was a gut instinct that led her to decide against creating another season saying “that’s what [Phoebe’s] journey needs.”

At the 2019 Emmys, Phoebe said that the show would be canceled in two years’ time. At the after-party for her big wins, she said, “Honestly, this has been so fun and rewarding to work on something our team cares about as much as we do and something we feel that rewards us with an opportunity to tell stories to amazing audiences every day… It feels more like how I want to say goodbye.

Fleabag Season 3 Release Date

Cast In The Fleabag Season 1 & 2


  • Phoebe Waller-Bridge as Fleabag (although never named in the script)
  • Sian Clifford as Claire, Fleabag’s sister
  • Andrew Scott as the priest, with whom Fleabag falls in love (series 2)


  • Olivia Colman as Fleabag and Claire’s godmother, who began a relationship with their father not long after their mother’s death and eventually became their stepmother
  • Bill Paterson as the father of Fleabag and Claire
  • Brett Gelman as Martin, Claire’s husband
  • Hugh Skinner as Harry, Fleabag’s ex-boyfriend
  • Hugh Dennis as Bank Manager, approached by Fleabag for a loan
  • Ben Aldridge as Arsehole Guy, one of Fleabag’s love interests
  • Jenny Rainsford as Boo, Fleabag’s deceased best friend and business partner
  • Angus Imrie as Jake, Martin’s teenage son and Claire’s step-son


  • Jamie Demetriou as Bus Rodent, one of Fleabag’s love interests (series 1)
  • Fiona Shaw as Fleabag’s counselor (series 2)
  • Kristin Scott Thomas as Belinda, a successful businesswoman who meets Fleabag at an awards ceremony presented by Claire (series 2)
  • Ray Fearon as Hot Misogynist, who serves as Fleabag’s lawyer and one of her love interests (series 2)
  • Christian Hillborg as Klare, Claire’s Finnish business partner, and love interest (series 2)
  • Jo Martin as Pam, who works at the priest’s church (series 2)

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