Google Maps Announces New Immersive View: Explore a place before you even visit it

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Google Maps Announces New Immersive View: Immersive views will soon be available on Google Maps, making it possible for users to obtain a sense of place even before they set foot on its soil. On May 11, Google introduced a slew of new features and updates to its suite of products, including Google Search, Maps, and Assistant, at its annual developer conference, GoogleI/O 2022.

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Why is the immersive view useful?

Google Maps Announces New Immersive View

Multi-search has recently been added to Google’s search engine, allowing users to search the web using both text and images at the same time.

As, Google Maps announces new immersive view.

Consumers will be able to snap a photo or screenshot of a product they’re interested in, then add a “near me” text query to see whether any nearby local businesses sell it.

Google Maps may be used to search through “millions” of photographs and reviews that have been placed online, as well as by its community members, to find nearby restaurants that serve a meal that a user is interested in trying.

Consequently, Google Maps announces new immersive view.

Initially, the function will be available in English only, but Google has stated that it will be available in other languages in the future.

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Accordingly, Google Maps announces new immersive view.

How the immersive view will be incorporated into Google Maps?

According to Raghavan, the number of people using Google Lens has roughly tripled in the last year.

Google Maps Announces New Immersive View

Multi-search users will soon be able to pan their camera around a scene and see information about numerous things in the picture at the same time, thanks to “Scene Exploration,” another Google visual search improvement.

This includes in what Google Maps announces new immersive view.

For a friend who loves dark chocolate but is nut-free, the company used the example of going to the store to buy a candy bar for them. It is possible to scan an entire store shelf with a smartphone’s camera and see relevant information overlaid on the candy bars.

To see extra information about these books, one can go to a bookstore and scan the bookshelves for them.

Thus, Google Maps announces new immersive view.

Google Maps Announces New Immersive View

With Google Maps’ new immersive view, users can virtually explore and experience an area before actually going there.

Google Maps announces new immersive view, you can examine how a neighborhood looks during the day and night, along with the current weather, traffic, and other factors. 

There will be a rollout of immersive views before the end of the year in major cities such as Los Angeles and London as well as in New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo, with more cities set to join soon after.

The new ARCore geospatial API will allow developers to include Google Maps’ augmented reality-driven navigation function Live View into their products.. Lime, a micromobility company based in the US, and Telstra, an Australian carrier, both use this API.

After launching in the US and Canada in October last year, the eco-friendly route will be expanded to Europe later this year. The function allows drivers to view and select the most fuel-efficient route when browsing for driving directions. 

More than half a million metric tons of carbon emissions have been saved, according to Google, as a result of consumers using this tool to travel 86 billion miles. Following the expansion into Europe, this number is predicted to rise by a factor of two.

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Hence, Google Maps announces new immersive view.

A new feature called Look and Talk is being introduced by Google that will allow users to engage more easily and intuitively with Google Assistant. Nest Hub Max’s smart home display will have an opt-in feature that allows users to interact with Google Assistant simply by looking at it and saying “Hey, Google.”

Google Maps Announces New Immersive View

Facial recognition is used in conjunction with voice recognition and other signals, such as head orientation and gaze direction, to identify users. Video from these conversations is handled on the device and not shared with Google or anybody else, it has been highlighted. Android users will be able to utilize the function starting this week, while iOS users will be able to use it by the middle of May.

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