Goosebumps 3 Movie Release Date, Cast, Plot and Preview

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Fans are wondering about the upcoming Goosebumps 3 movie release date, and a lot of questions are waiting to be answered. Answers to the questions about Goosebumps 3 will be provided in this article as you read. Let’s take a look at the details.

Everything we know about the 3rd Goosebumps Sequel

Although not many details have been released yet, we have pre here the plot, cast, crew, and release date information so you won’t miss a thing.

Will there be a Goosebumps 3?

Good news! Yes, the third sequel of Stine’s series will be released.

The filmmakers recently announced that the third installment of the box office Goosebumps would happen.

Here’s what we know so far about Goosebumps 3. Keep reading!

What is the Goosebumps 3 Movie About?

Goosebumps 3
Goosebumps 3

The Goosebumps movie is an American scary comedy film that has already been released in two previous goosebumps films – the first on October 16, 2015, and the second on October 12, 2018, titled Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween.

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The Plot of Third Goosebumps Film

Sony releasing the third part of the Goosebumps film book series made the fans wonder about its plot.

The first two movies follow R.L. Stein’s goosebumps book, a series of the same name, including the Goosebumps SlappyWorld Book series. So if a third edition is ever produced, we can assume that tale will be constructed based on the books again.

For the third installment of the movie, everyone is expecting to see the defeat of Slappy the Dummy (Night of the Living Dummy) and his fellow monsters forever. They can achieve that with the help of the kids from the previous film and if they commit to team up together.

Moreover, Stine, who Jack Black himself plays, must also stop all the monsters and return them to their respective pages.

Release date of the third Goosebumps movie

As mentioned, It is set to release a third goosebumps film, and the viewers are curious when they’ll see it on screen.

Goosebumps 3

Goosebumps 3 release date was first set to be released back on October 14, 2021. However, fans were disappointed because they would have to wait far longer to be able to watch the movie. As of now, the film’s tentative release is on October 15, 2022.

It appears that the project has stalled and fallen into an irrelevant production stage which caused the major delay. The success of the first two goosebumps films has set a high standard as they ranked high at the box office.

Goosebumps 3 Cast and Crew

According to the recent updates released by Sony, the cast and crew of Goosebumps will include old and new cast and crew members.

Cast Members of Goosebumps 3

Included in the movie are a star-studded cast like Jack Black, ken jeong, chris parnell.

Goosebumps 3

Jack Black will be playing R.L Stine, Dylan Minnette as Zachary Cooper, Amy Ryan is Gale Cooper, Jillian Bell as Lorraine Conyers, and Ryan Lee as Champ.

A new cast member to join them is Avery Lee Jones. Original cast like Jeremy Ray Taylor, Caleel Harris, Madison Iseman, and Odeya Rush are also expected to be part of the movie.

Crew Members of Goosebumps 3

The first Goosebumps was directed by Rob Letterman and was written by Darren Lemke. Deborah Forte and Neal H. Moritz will serve as the goosebumps movies’ screenwriters for the upcoming movie, and Mark Waters will direct it.

Further, the upcoming film is being produced by Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Animation, and Walden Media.


How many books does the Goosebumps series have?

The original Goosebumps series has seven different book series, including Fear Street and Tales to Give you Goosebumps. With these books, you can get an idea of what might be his plan for some spin-off series.

What are the other Goosebumps Books?

Aside from what has been mentioned above, the other goosebumps books are:”

  • The Haunted Mask
  • One Day at HorrorLand
  • Deep Trouble
  • Ghost Beach
  • Legend of the Lost Legend
  • The Curse of Camp Cold Lake

Will there be a fourth installment of the Goosebumps movie?

Goosebumps 3

Since Sony and Columbia Pictures have no update regarding the third Goosebumps, the other sequel like Fear Street and Goosebump’s fourth installment will also be postponed to a later date.

Factors that contributed to the delay of the sequel were; that the first movie was sold to Columbia Pictures in 2008 and was only released in 2015; and the second, Goosebumps 2 Haunted Halloween was only released three years after. Thus Goosebumps 3 took a really long time to make and produce.

How to Watch Goosebumps 3?

Just like the previous movies of Goosebumps, you may watch the film via different streaming services.

According to the announcement, the film can be streamed or rented through Amazon Instant Video and Google Play Movies. If the film gets released, it might also be available on Amazon prime Video.


Ready to stream goosebumps already?

Although the release of Fear Street and the 4th part of the Goosebumps might be delayed, we know that it will be worthwhile. Stay tuned!

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