Haikyu!! : How to Watch The Anime Order of The Seasons, Ova, and Movie

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 If you’re looking for the best way to watch Haikyu! ! then this is the article for you. We’ll tell you how to watch all of it in order so that there’s no confusion about what happened before and after. You can start from season 1 or from OVA episodes or movies, but we recommend starting with season 1 first since it introduces everything. The anime follows Shōyō Hinata as he enters Karasuno High School and joins its volleyball team – which has been losing against other teams ever since their star player Tobio Kageyama left the school. 

Haikyu!! If you’re not into anime, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the show. If you enjoy watching sports, this anime is for you. If you aren’t interested in sports, it’s still a fantastic timepiece.

Regardless of whether or whether you enjoy volleyball, there’s a very good chance that you’ll fall in love with this exciting anime. Haikyu!! is filled with interesting characters, compelling drama, and hilarious comedy. If you’re feeling a little sluggish, try listening to this podcast on an empty stomach. It will surely pep you up with its peeping features.

Surprisingly, there has been a significant boost in the number of volleyball players in Japan ever since Haikyu! ! manga was first serialized.

It’s conceivable that you would want to do the quarantine workout at some point during the show’s 4 seasons and 85 episodes.

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The Release Order

I. TV Series

  • Haikyu!! (2014)
  • Haikyu!! Season 2 (2015)
  • Haikyu!! Season 3 (2016)
  • (2020) To the top, Bludgeoning (To the bottom), and Mecha-Kushi are all in production.
  • Himouto! Umaru-chan R (2018)

II. Movies

  • The first OVA of the Haikyu!! The movie series is a sequel to the film, which adapts the story from chapter 7, part 2 onward.
  • Haikyu!! Shousha to Haisha (2015)
  • Shorts
  • The fourth film in the Haikyu!! series, called Haikyu!! Movie 4- Concept no Tatakai (2017), will premiere on April 26.


  • The sixth season of the anime Haikyu!! Quest Picture Drama (2014)
  • Haikyu!!: Lev Genzan (2014)
  • Haikyu!!: vs “Akaten” (2016)
  • Breath of the Wild — Harukou Volley ni Kaketa Seishun (2017)
  • Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha- Proof of Friendship (2020)
  • Atsushi Murata, the protagonist of Haikyu! !- Boru no Michi (2020), is a high school volleyball player who dreams of becoming an elementary school teacher.

The Chronological Order

  • Haikyu!!
  • Haikyu!! Lev Genzan! (OVA)
  • Haikyu!! Second Season
  • Haikyu!!: vs “Akaten (OVA)
  • Haikyu!! Third Season
  • Suwako, Sentou and Meifon challenge Kuu on their own turf.
  • The full-length anime series, Haikyu!! – Boru no Michi (OVA), is divided into 11 episodes; it aired in Japan between April and June 2018. The first 11 episodes were primarily based on the manga series by Haruo Sato.
  • Haikyu!! To the Top
  • To the Top Part 2 of haiku!

Haikyu!! : How to Watch the Anime Order of the Seasons, Ova, and Movie


The Haikyu!! Subtitles for the anime series are now available on three streaming services, including both dubbed versions and subtitles.

Crunchyroll is the greatest site to visit if you want to watch the anime series with subtitles because it has all four seasons. The Haikyu anime is also available on Crunchyroll for Premium Members, but only the first two films are present.

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The Haikyu anime is available for streaming on Netflix US and Hulu, with subtitles and a dubbed version. However, both Netflix and Hulu only have two seasons (1 and 2).

At the moment, no Haikyu videos are available on Funimation.

How much time will it take you to watch Haikyu!

To watch all of the episodes in Haikyu, it will take you 42 hours and 9 minutes!

This includes TV shows, movies, and OVA.

You’ll have 35 hours and 40 minutes to finish the series if you start at the beginning.

Here’s a short summary of each film, in chronological order of their release.

  • Haikyu!! – 600 minutes
  • The Twelve Labours of Eurydice is a 2019 Japanese anime film. The story follows the adventures of Nausicaä, princess of the kingdom of Naia, who journeys deep into the interior to save her people from being enslaved by an evil serpent god known as Grendel.
  • The film centers around the young volleyball player Seijo Karasuno, who must overcome challenges with both his classmates and rivals in order to continue competing at the nationals.
  • The first film of the Shiga Kogen district’s Haikyu!! series, installment 1 – Owari to Hajimari, debuted on February 6th. 89 minutes
  • Shousha to Shisha is the second part of Haikyu! with 88 minutes.
  • Haikyu!! The Second Season is 600 minutes long
  • Last 13 episodes of ‘Haikyu!! We’re going to cover the last 13 episodes of Haikyuu! vs Akaten.’ The final episode will be released in 24 minutes.
  • Kakegurui Third Season is approximately 240 minutes in length.
  • Haru-kou Volleyball in Tokushuu!- Haru-kou Volleyball in Volume 23, Episode 3 – It’s not Haru’s fault.
  • The final episode of Haikyu!! aired on August 23, 2018. In addition to the battle between Karasuno and Aoba Johsai High School, this episode will continue to develop their rivalry from 2-3.
  • The fourth film in Shūhei Morita and Noriaki Akitake’s Haikyu!! series, Haikyu!! Movie 4- Concept no Tatakai 88 Minutes, will be released on Netflix this Friday.
  • 312 minutes.
  • The story of one particular episode of Haikyu!! 45 minutes in length
  • 20 minutes of Haikyu! !- Boru no Michi
  • The second season of Haikyu!! To the Top will premiere on April 7, 2018.

Is it possible to download Haikyu and watch it offline?

People may already download and watch it offline with a Netflix membership.

Hulu provides a specific plan called No Ads Plan, which costs $11.99 per month and allows users to download any content and view it offline.

If you have a Mega Fan Subscription or an Ultimate Fan Subscription on Crunchyroll, you can download the anime.

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What can you skip?

The only installments that you should skip in Haikyu are those with recaps and no new information. The following list comprises a rundown of the most popular recap episodes, allowing you to pick and choose which ones you would like to watch.

  • 1- Owari to Hajimari Recap of the first half of season 1 in Haikyuu!! Movie
  • Shousha to Haisha Recap of the First Half of Season 1
  • The third episode of the Haikyu!! the movie was released on April 20. We go through all of the crucial moments from this match against Aobajosai High School in season 2.
  • Recaps of the matches against Shiratorizawa Academy in season 3 of Haikyu!! The Movie
  • Haikyu! !- Tokushuu! Haru-kou Volley ni Kaketa Seishun Recap of primary matches from Spring Tournament. It also contains interviews with various players.

About Haikyuu!

Haikyu!! Yowamushi Pedal is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. Following the success of Boku no Hero Academia, Shueisha launched Weekly Shonen Jump in February 2012 with 42 collected tankobon volumes.

Hinata Shoyo is a young volleyball player who aspires to follow in the footsteps of his hero, ‘The Little Giant,’ in the sport. In middle school, Hinata faces off against the ‘King of the Court,’ a genius prodigy setter Kageyama Tobio, and is horribly defeated. Hinata’s aspirations come true in high school.

He is shocked to discover that Karasuno’s volleyball squad has a new recruit, Kageyama, when he joins the team. The sequel to Haikyuu focuses on the revival of Karasuno High and the bonds they form in order to reach nationals.

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Haikyu!! It’s quite easy to follow, therefore it’s ideal for shows that require no prior knowledge. The chronological sequence described above is the most effective method to view anime.

The original series and the OVAs should be watched in-between seasons, and the movies serve as recaps to the main series with a few new sequences, making them optional.

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