HBCU Bomb Threats Prompts Class Cancellation

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Charles kenny
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A bomb threat against more than a dozen Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) is reported on Monday, resulting in the class cancellation of thousands of students. 

It was the second time this month that HBCU faced such threats,

“We’ve had these challenges before,” Howard University President Wayne Frederick said Tuesday. But “since I’ve been here (as a student) in 1988, it has not been this widespread and also, I think, this overt.”

The HBCU received the same threat back in January, and all eight threats were reported clear later the same day. It was unclear whether the threats on Monday were connected to the earlier events.

According to school officials, HBCU bomb threats were sent on Monday to more than a dozen of universities, including Howard University in Washington DC; Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida; Southern University and A&M in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Albany State University in Albany, Georgia; Bowie State University in Bowie, Maryland; and Delaware State University in Dover. So far, five schools have remained on lockdown as the officials investigate the threats.

Howard released an all-clear for its campus less than two hours after the warning was reported at 4:35 am.

However, Bethune-Cookman campus remained their classes canceled even though the Daytona Beach Police had cleared them of the bomb threat to maintain the safety of their students and anyone around the campus. They even remind the public to avoid the campus unless necessary.

Hbcu Bomb Threats

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HBCU is a Historically Black College or University that aims to make the education of Black Americans a priority.

The Coppin State University announced that all classes would be online Tuesday.

“If you are on campus, please, shelter in place and wait for further instructions,” the message said. “Emergency officials are evaluating the campus, and we will provide updates as soon as possible.”

HBCU Bomb Threats Status

  1. Rust College received the threat on Tuesday morning and immediately reported it to the police. They make strict measures on anyone that would enter the facility, including the students, staff, and faculty.
  2. Edward Waters University decided to cancel all in-person activities until further notice.
  3. The University of District in Columbia – just like Rust College, also received the warning on Tuesday morning but has already been investigated and issued an all-clear later the same day. The University is now open.
  4. Xavier University – is still under investigation and is on lockdown after receiving the threat. The University also announced that their activities would be temporarily remote.
  5. Howard University – the University received the same warning twice in a row. After the official’s investigation, nothing was found anywhere on the campus.
  6. Fort Valley University issued a lockdown to protect their students and staff.
  7. Kentucky State University – also on lockdown.
  8. Tougaloo College announced that they would be operating virtually due to the threat.
  9. Alcorn University – decided to cancel classes.
  10. Morgan State University – closed the campus temporarily and will operate virtually as well.
  11. Mississippi Valley State University announced that they would operate remotely and no one would be allowed to go to the campus as the police are still investigating.
  12. Jackson State University – an all-cleared has been issued by the officials after a thorough investigation around the campus.
  13. Coppin University – announced on their website that classes would be online in the meantime.

HBCU Bomb Threats is not a joke. It is heartbreaking to see someone threaten the safety of anyone, most especially the kids who wanted nothing but to learn and be educated. If this is an issue of another hate crime, we hope that they will put an end to it now.

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