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Hello Neighbor 2: Hello Neighbor 2, TinyBuild’s next stealth horror game, has a release date, as well as preorder and beta details.

Fans of Hello Neighbor have been waiting for word of a sequel for years. TinyBuild worked on Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek, Secret Neighbor, and Hello Engineer, a few Hello Neighbor spin-off projects. 

Now, tinyBuild is ready to take the next big step and unveil the Hello Neighbor 2 release date. The full version of Hello Neighbor 2 will be launched on December 6, but tinyBuild wants to provide you with more information on preorders and beta plans before then.

What Hello Neighbor 2 About?

Hello Neighbor 2

You’ll be back in Raven Brooks in Hello Neighbor 2. You’re not going to break into your strange neighbor’s basement this time to find out what he’s concealing. Instead of the other way around, you’ll be playing as Quentin, a journalist.

Quentin has gone to Raven Brooks to investigate Mr. Peterson (The Neighbor) more after a series of missing child cases, including that of Nicky Roth (Hello Neighbor’s original protagonist). 

Across Raven Brooks, there are a host of new faces to meet and investigate and new technologies like Quentin’s Hello-copter to aid you in your exploration of the large new open landscape.

Preorders are now available, and all preorders include beta access. Don’t worry; the beta won’t give anything away about the plot. It’s not a part of the story, but it’s a playtest of how Hello Neighbor 2 will turn out. 

The beta is just a sample of what gamers can expect from tinyBuild Games in December. Did I mention there are four-legged buddies to investigate in Hello Neighbor 2?

Hello Neighbor 2 Gameplay

If you’re a budding detective, you can preorder the game on PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation today and join in the beta test. The Deluxe Edition also includes five days of early access to Hello Neighbor 2 and all of the game’s day-one DLC.

The first day’s DLC includes Late Fees, Back to School, and Hello-copter. Late Fees and Back to School offer two new maps and characters and more mysteries for budding detectives to solve in Late Fees and Back to School. Meanwhile, Quentin’s new gameplay mechanic, Hello-copter, is one of his tools.

Do you think Hello Neighbor 2 will put your investigation skills to the test? Or are you just curious about the town’s secrets and scandals?

Hello Neighbor 2

In this game, you take on the character of Quentin, a local reporter. Mr. Peterson, his suspicious next-door neighbor, has made him suspicious. Several people have vanished, and Mr. Peterson appears strange. Everybody despises him. 

There have been instances of children visiting him and then vanishing. Some say he likes locking people in his basement, but no one can prove it. As a result, people try to stay away from Mr. Peterson and his strange house and the strange sounds coming from his basement late at night. Nobody believes you when you say Mr. Peterson is too responsible for the disappearances in the area. 

While you wouldn’t normally break into someone’s home, you’re the only one who suspects something is wrong and has the bravery to investigate.

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Hello Neighbor 2 Release Date 

The release date for Hello Neighbor 2, the much-anticipated sequel to 2017’s Hello Neighbor, has been set for December.

The suburbia horror game will be published on December 6 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. TinyBuild, the creators of Hello Neighbor 2 Deluxe Edition, announced the game’s release. Preorders will also get early access to the game’s beta, which started yesterday.

Hello Neighbor 2

Preorders for Hello Neighbor 2 commence on April 7, 2022. The Standard Edition will set you back USD 40, while the Deluxe Edition will cost you $60. The regular edition preorder includes the Beta and the December 6 release date. 

The Deluxe Pre-Order includes exclusive beta access, Back to School, Late Fees, and Hello-Copter. On December 1, 2022, you’ll also get early access to the whole game. (5 days before the release date).

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Hello Neighbor 2 Trailer

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