How Did Andrew Schimmer’s Wife, Jho Rovero, Pass Away?

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It is with great sorrow that Actor Andrew Schimmer shares the passing of his beloved fiancee, Jho Rovero. To commemorate their bond, he posted a picture on Facebook of their hands clasped together and adorned with what would have been their wedding rings. “My soul mate, my best buddy, my partner in crime, my wife,” he wrote fondly. He implored her to remember their vow: “together forever.”

In a Facebook video recording, he declared: “This is our Sleeping Beauty; her friends were left behind by her.” Tragically, Rovero never awoke from the coma she was in for almost a year due to complications of chronic asthma and eventually passed away after suffering cardiac arrest. Hypoxemia further hindered her breathing as it caused an abnormally low oxygen level circulation throughout her blood vessels.

Jho Rovero Cause Of Death

The beloved wife of actor Andrew Schimmer, Jorhomy “Jho” Rovero, recently passed after a long medical journey. She was initially hospitalized due to an asthma attack which left her with cardiac arrest and brain hypoxia. Several months were spent in the ICU as she battled for life; Andrew had previously shared his pain from being apart from her during this challenging time, hopeful that they would reunite soon despite the circumstances. Unfortunately, she succumbed to illness while in hospital care – leaving family and friends mourning this significant loss.

How Did Andrew Schimmer'S Wife, Jho Rovero, Pass Away?

Jho Rovero Cause Of Death

From last year on, Andrew Schimmer’s wife, Jho Rovero, had been ill. The performer said she was in a coma for a while and had to spend time in the hospital. This week, she had a severe asthma attack, which triggered cardiac arrest and severe hypoxemia. Jho Rovero sadly did not make it through this.

How Did Andrew Schimmer'S Wife, Jho Rovero, Pass Away?

After his wife’s death yesterday, Andrew Schimmer said she had recently been in better health. On October 10, 2022, she was released from the hospital, but the following week, her condition deteriorated. She was readmitted to the hospital to continue receiving care for her ailments. Tragically, the woman died at a young age.

In An Emotional Video, Andrew Announced His Wife’s Death

With a heavy heart, Andrew Schwimmer took to Facebook and sadly announced the passing of his beloved wife, Jho Rovero. As tears streamed down his face in the video, he explained that he had been filming an episode of Family Feud on GMA Network when news broke about her illness, causing him to quickly suspend shooting and rush off to St. Luke’s Medical Center, where she was being hospitalized. Here, Andrew tragically discovered the truth – Jho had passed away.

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On Facebook, Andrew displayed a picture of him and his wife, hand in hand. The caption read, “The Love of my Life, my wife, the best friend I could ever ask for & the one person who supports me through it all.” Remembering that vow to stay together forever was mentioned; he thanked everyone for their prayers and well wishes before noting how sad it is that his youngest’s birthday falls later this year. Although medical personnel tried everything they could do to help her out, Andrew still feels immense pain from losing someone so precious in life.

It seems that they are getting nearer to their son’s birthday. The stunning statement about Jho’s death was met with a lot of compassion from admirers, people in the industry & audiences everywhere. Ogie Diaz, an influential vlogger and talent manager among others, replied, showing sympathy towards Andrew and his family. He highlighted how thankful Jho always was for everyone’s continued support and the love he received throughout his life journey. To provide comfort for parents out there, Ogie also reminded them that while their son is taking rest now, their kids will remain safe at all times, so keep believing in brighter days ahead!

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