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You might be curious How Old is Lorio in Hunter x Hunter, and so are we. 

Hunter x Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi began serialization in 1998. Although the Manga isn’t finished yet, it is currently on hiatus. 

Among the extensive list of characters in Hunter x Hunter Anime Adaptation, Leorio Paradinight, also known as Lorio for short, is part of the leading quartet in the series. 

Many have been confused and curious about his age as he was hanging out with many kids. So, How old is Lorio? Let’s find out.

Hunter X Hunter Plot 

The story of Huxter x Hunter follows the story of a young boy, Gon Freecss, who wants to be a hunter like his father. Hunters are a special kind of member of the society they live in, who possesses abilities that can be used to find valued items and creatures. 

To become a Hunter, one must go through a challenging and rigorous Hunter exam, which only a few pass.

Hunting in Hunter x Hunter is no longer just about the capability of one to search down monsters and shoot them. It also includes daunting tasks and responsibilities, which encompass searching for disappeared reserves in unexplored lands.

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Lorio is introduced at the story’s very beginning as one of Gon’s fellow examinees. He has made clear that his reason for taking the Hunter Exam is to become a doctor, and for him to achieve that, he needs a lot of money. He believes that being a Hunter will help him save more money. 

During the exam, one of the characters calls Lorio, an “old man,” but he reacts right away and denies that he is an old man. Instead, he tells them that he is just a teenage boy, just like the rest of them. 

Who is Lorio in Hunter x Hunter? 

How Old Is Lorio In Hunter X Hunter? Explained

Leorio Paradinight, famous as Lorio, is a Rookie Hunter and a member of the Zodiacs with the codename “Boar.” He is currently a medical student to become a doctor.

If you watch the series, you will notice that he is a tall, manly looking, fairly muscular man with a spiked crew cute. He appears to be older than the other main characters. 

In the serious, Lorio is initially introduced as a selfish narcissist who greatly emphasizes material wealth. However, as the show goes on, his assertions only prove that he is only after money because of his wish to become a doctor and help the poor.

It was also revealed that he believes that all things in the world can be bought and that becoming a Hunter will provide him with the funds he needs for his medical education.

How Old is Lorio at the Debut of Hunter x Hunter? 

During the debut of the series, where the main characters, including Lorio, took upon the Hunter Exam, Lorio was 19 years old. 

How Old Is Lorio In Hunter X Hunter? Explained

This is according to Hunter x Hunter Hunter Association Official Issue: Hunter’s Guide and the Character & World Official Databook. 

How Old is Lorio in Hunter x Hunter Now? 

To be exact, Lorio, in the Manga’s chronology, Lorio is already 21 years old. So if you happen to read it, the story had gone on already for almost three years. 

Although Lorio’s appearance might look a little older than the other characters and might confuse you for his age, his character was animated to look that way.

Besides, he is not the first anime character to look seems not to look like their age. 

Take a look at this trailer to see for yourself and confirm How Old is Lorio in Hunter x Hunter. 

YouTube video

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