How Tall is Alba Baptista? the Details from her Age to her Weight, Net Worth, Career and More!

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Alba Baptista is a well-known and beautiful young Portuguese actress who made her acting debut in her native language and slowly expanded her wings to other territories. Lately, despite her notable acting career, she has been in the spotlight for quite a long when her name was juxtaposed with Sexiest Man Alive on earth 2022, Chris Evans.

Her name has been dangling over the internet for over a year, and people are brutally curious to know more about her. So let us have an exhaustive look at more about this Portuguese actress Alba Baptista.

Who is Alba Baptista?

Alba Baptista is an excellent Portuguese actress who has been in the spotlight for over a year as she is currently the cute girlfriend of Chris Evans. She started her acting career in Jardins Proibidos, a series in her native language.

How Tall Is Alba Baptista? The Details From Her Age To Her Weight, Net Worth, Career And More!

Her performance in multiple Portuguese series and films, including A Impostora, Filha da Lei, A Criacao, and Jogo Duplo, gave her the free entry pass to extend her talents into Hollywood. Her English language debut was with the series Warrior Nun from 2020 to 2022, a Netflix series that made her entry into Hollywood remarkable.

How Tall Is Alba Baptista?

She is one of the most beautiful and immensely talented actresses from Portugal. She has sustained her attractive sculpted body by maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. Her height is estimated at 159.4 centimetres, and she weighs around 55 kilograms. 

Alba Baptista Age

Alba Baptista was born on July 10, 1997, on the outskirts of Lisbon, Portugal. As of 2022, she will have reached her dynamic and vibrant age of twenty-five. By age twenty-five, she made her name resonate in the massive industry with many facts. She is now heading into many projects that would make her career even steeper.


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Alba Baptista Personal Life

Though Alba Baptista’s past personal life is not revealed to the world, now she has been in the spotlight for over one year, dating Hollywood’s most handsome and immensely talented actor Chris Evans. Rumours accumulated over the internet when the two started following each other on Instagram.

Later they were spotted together in many places; rumours started spreading like a hurricane. But none of them confirmed their relationship status until January 6, 2023. Chris Evans shared a video on his Instagram where the two of them played pranks on each other, and within the blink of an eye, the Instagram story has been viral. So Alba Baptista is currently in a relationship with Chris Evans for over a year, leading a peaceful merrier life together.

Alba Baptista’s Net Worth

Since she has not acted in many movies, the series and films she got would make her wealth suffice. As per reports, Alba Baptista has a handful of wealth estimated at $1 Million. Much of her wealth is acquired from her acting career and whether she is into other business ventures or brand endorsements is unknown.

Career History Of Alba Baptista

As per sources, Alba Baptista started her acting career at the young age of sixteen. She initially appeared in a short film at the beginning of her career, and her acting in the movie Miami gave her the Best Actress Award during the festival Iberico de Cine.

Later after receiving the award, Alba Baptista happened to star in a Portuguese series titled A Criacao and her telenovels, including A Impostora and Jogo Duplo, made a remarkable place in the industry.


How Tall Is Alba Baptista? The Details From Her Age To Her Weight, Net Worth, Career And More!

So after these series and telenovels, Alba Baptista made her career concrete in Portugal, and she is well-acknowledged for her three riveting roles in popular Portuguese series. Her chance to appear in these popular series made her one of the most astounding actresses in Portuguese.

Who Are The Parents Of Alba Baptista?

Alba Baptista tried to put her personal and family details under wraps, and with a strenuous effort, we could finally extract the information about who are her parents. As per reports, Luiz Baptista is her father, and Elsa Baptista is her mother.

More information regarding both of them is pretty unknown. The only little tip is that her father was an engineer from Rio de Janeiro and her mother worked as a translator.

The two significant movies she appeared in include Caminhos Magnetykos and Equinocio, Patrick, and Fatima made her career as an actress concrete. Her debut into Hollywood through the series Warrior Nun made her entry remarkable. Recently in 2022, Alba Baptista appeared in Mrs Harris Goes to Paris.

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