Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Release Date, Plot, Cast and More Updates!

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Hunter X Hunter Season 7: The Anime Hunter X Hunter is returning in 2022, which is fantastic news for anime fans because it is one of the finest. So, how will the upcoming Hunter X Hunter season be?

In contrast to other animes like One Piece, Bleach, the Seven Deadly Sins, and others, this one is short, making us eager to see the next episode.

What is Hunter X Hunter All About?

The Hunter X Hunter manga centers on Gon Freecss and his companion Killua, who have been friends for a long time and have been through difficult and beautiful situations together.

Yoshihiro Togashi wrote and illustrated the anime series.

Gon, a 12-year-old child, began his existence without his parents; his father is one of the world’s top hunters, but he never saw him.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7

To meet his father, Gon, a poor boy from a penniless family, chose to follow in his father’s footsteps and become the best hunter in the world.

Hunting does not just entail killing animals; it also entails going on genuine adventures that may cost you your life, so the boy’s path was not simple, but he persevered in his search for his father and training to become the best hunter in the world.

Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio are his buddies who help him, and each other achieve their goals.

Killua, a powerful lad from a wealthy household, was initially stronger than Gon, but I believe they are now equal in strength.

Kurapika is likewise powerful, but it was only when he encountered the Phantom Troupe’s “spiders” that we saw his true potential. After that, his duty was completed, and we went on to Killua and Gon.

Leorio has aspirations of becoming a doctor, but he has proven to be a valuable asset on numerous occasions despite his frailty.

The plot of Hunter X Hunter Season 7

The sixth season of Hunter x Hunter ended with Gon seeing his father, Ging, who was his genuine inspiration and helped him pass the Hunter exam.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7

Gon restored his father’s Hunter license to him after the two learned from each other’s past experiences. Morel is remembered lovingly by Knov, and Kiriko assumes Gotoh’s persona.

On the other hand, Mito received Gon’s letter, and Gon rejoins the Kite group. That’s all there is to say about Season 6 coming to an end.

The ‘Dark Continent Expedition Arc,’ which depicts Issac Netaro’s son arranging an expedition into Dark Continent, will kick off Hunter x Hunter Season 7.

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We will also see zodiacs, as the anime series is known for introducing new characters and their various skills. They don’t know if Netaro has a son who can help them fight him if they capture him.

Kurapika will eventually become the 289th Hunter exam supervisor. New students will arrive, just as they did in Monster Musume 2, but only the most deserving will be granted Hunter’s license. When a trailer is released, we learn more about the film.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Cast

The following cast members are expected to appear in Season 7 of Hunter x Hunter:

Megumi Han’s voice is utilized for Gon Freecs, and Killua Zoldyck’s voice is used in Japanese production. In addition, the characters in the English dub may be voiced by the same actors.

The cast of the Hunter X Hunter series includes some of the most well-known actors, including:

  • Issel Futamata as Narrator
  • Gon’s associate, Megumi Han
  • Christina Valenzuela as Killua Zoldyck
  • Mariya Ise Zoldyck
  • Erika Harlancher as Kurapika
  • Hisoka Morrow is played by Daisuke Namikawa
  • Mathew Mercer plays Leorio Paladiknight.
  • Ken Silverstein plays Hisoka Morrow.

It’s expected that some new characters may appear in season 7, as well as Killua, Gon Freecs’ father Kite (who told him about his father), and another of his friends. In the upcoming season, many new characters could be introduced.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Release Date

Togashi and his crew gave us some hints, but there is currently nothing to report; nonetheless, we will keep you updated on when the anime will premiere.

Season 7 of Hunter x Hunter is set to premiere in late 2022 or early 2023, with 12 episodes. 

The latest news is that Anime Japan will broadcast a public radio recording with Megumi Han and Mariya Ise to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Hunter x Hunter (2011) anime.

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