Hurricane Agatha Downgraded to Tropical Storm – Still Leaves Devastating Impact One Day After

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Hurricane Agatha Downgraded to Tropical Storm: This Monday, Agatha was downgraded to a tropical storm after its landfall in Southern Mexico as a Category 2 hurricane. 

According to reports, it made its landfall just west of Puerto Angel, packing 105mph winds. All hurricane warnings were discontinued, but the tropical storm warning from Puerto Escondido to Salina Cruz remained in place. 

Although it was downgraded as a tropical storm, it has left a devastating impact on Mexico. 

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Hurricane Agatha Downgraded to Tropical Storm – Devastating Impact 

Hurricane Agatha, the first hurricane of the eastern Pacific season, rapidly intensified in the east Pacific Ocean, nearing major hurricane status when approaching the southern Mexico coast on Sunday night. 

On Monday afternoon, west of Puerto Angel, it brought heavy rains and winds nearly 105 miles per hour when it came ashore. Agatha was strong enough to uproot trees, cause major power losses, and rip roofs off well-built homes. By Monday night, it became a tropical storm. 

Hurricane Agatha Downgraded To Tropical Storm

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Before the arrival of hurricane Agatha to Oaxaca, given the potential devastation it might bring, the Mexican National Guard and the Navy were already deployed to respond to the storm, and the government made several preparations. 

Classes were canceled, and preparation of residents, including boarding up buildings and plans for relocation, were made; however, because of the strong wind and heavy rain it has brought, preparations were not enough to lessen the damage. 

Since the place was home to tourists, especially the beach town near the landfall of Agatha, there were over 3,500 tourists during the storm. Accordingly, people were transferred to temporary shelters. 

Hurricane Agatha Downgraded To Tropical Storm

Although Hurricane Agatha Downgraded to Tropical Storm, according to the Governor of Oaxaca, its banks overflowed and swept away people, and others were buried under mud and rocks. The flooding and mudslides killed at least 11 people and left 20 missings, which the government has been looking for since the storm ended. 

Governor Murat said during an interview, “There were fundamentally two reasons. On the other hand, some rivers overflowed, and the most serious part were landslides.”

Is Agatha the Strongest Storm in May? 

Heavy and torrential rains and howling winds whipped trees and posts. Hurricane Agatha made history of being the strongest hurricane ever recorded since the recordkeeping that began in 1949, to come in May during the eastern Pacific hurricane season, making landfall in the stretch of small beach towns and fishing villages in southern Mexico.

The hurricane center also warned the people of those affected that the heavy rains posed a threat to possible life threatening flash flooding. 

Hurricane Agatha Downgraded To Tropical Storm

According to the U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami, it is expected to weaken by Tuesday and dissipate over southern Mexico by Tuesday afternoon. Agatha’s remnants are expected to head out into the Caribbean Sea, and there is a 50% chance of redevelopment after five days. 

Hurricane Agatha Downgraded to Tropical Storm has left a big devastating impact on the southern town of Mexico. 

One resident who experienced Hurricane Agatha Downgraded to Tropical Storm shared in the local news that while watching his neighbors, “The houses are flooded, so they are getting everything out.” He also added, “There are stores, houses. More than anything else, we have to try to save all the good material because everything else will be washed away.”

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