Independence Day 3: Everything We Know So Far!

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The Independence Day franchise is an American sci-fi action movie series that began with the first movie’s release in 1996, followed by a second installment in 2016.

The movie series’s plot joins aliens attacking and trying to eliminate Earth’s human population. The few remaining humans are using every opportunity to fight off the aliens and regain control over Earth. The first movie was released on July 3, 1996, which many people in Hollywood believe was a significant moment for developing blockbuster movies. So many people were interested in watching it that theaters started showing it on July 2.

In 2016, Roland Emmerich finally released the long-awaited sequel to Independence Day. Despite heavy criticism of its plot and other aspects, the film earned more positive reviews than its predecessor. Emmerich claims that Will Smith’s decision to withdraw from the project was necessary for the scenario seen in Resurgence.

Independence Day 3


Independence Day 3 Release Date

Independence Day 3 was canceled before it was filmed, and the news was made public well ahead of the second film’s theatrical debut. The poor performance of this work prompted franchise producer Dean Devlin to declare in 2018 that there would be no third film.

In an interview, Roland Emmerich, the director of Independence Day 3, revealed that Will Smith’s absence was one of the main reasons its predecessor failed. However, he said that when Disney acquired Fox in 2019, it reignited his ambition for a sequel. In 2020, Emmerich told Screen Rant that he already had ideas for Independence Day 3.

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Independence Day 3 Cast

Disney acquired Fox in 2018 and with that brought hope for a third installment to the franchise movie that had been previously canceled. Although there has been no news on who will be cast yet, Will Smith is not anticipated to make a return due to an incident he was involved in recently–he dropped out during production of the second movie.

Independence Day 3 Trailer

The Independence Day 3 trailer is not anticipated to be released anytime soon. This is because the film’s production has not even begun, and there is no word on when it will be renewed. However, if the movie gets a third sequel, we may expect to see a trailer some months before its release.

Independence Day 3 Storyline

Independence Day 3

The second film is set 20 years after the first. To reverse-engineer alien technology and serve as the planet’s alarm system for extraterrestrial threats, the UN established the Earth Space Defense (ESD) program. After defeating the alien invasions and rebuilding and modernizing critical cities across the world, including Washington D.C., with a blend of technology, civilization was restored. There is some degree of calm among nation-states.

During the last invasion, the aliens had broadcast a distress signal to the mothership. The aliens resumed their assault with one of their motherships. During the conflict, a white sphere known as Artificial Intelligence assisted humanity in their struggle against the Aliens. All remaining alien fighters were put to sleep after Queen’s demise. At the same time, the mothership leaves Earth’s atmosphere and disappears into space. Okun claims that the sphere has requested humanity to lead its battle and offered them technological advancements in case of a Harvester retaliation.

Although there is no story or plotline, the second movie’s ending points to humans invading and taking over the Harvestes’ planet. With our more advanced technology, we would be able to space travel.

Independence Day 3 Premiere Date

The release date for Independence Day 3 has not been announced. It isn’t easy to guess when the film will be released because there is nothing to go on. The film isn’t in production and hasn’t been renewed yet.

Independence Day Renewal Status

The first Independence Day movie, starring Will Smith, was released in 1996 to critical acclaim by both critics and viewers. Due to the first film’s success, Fox decided to renew Independence Day for a second installment; however, production on the sequel was met with adversity when Will Smith dropped out.

The second movie was released after 20 years and didn’t reach the high expectations set by the first film. So, Fox canceled any plans for a third movie in the franchise. Even though there is no news that Disney has revived the show since they acquired Fox, fans still hope the film will be renewed for a third time.

The Conclusion

Independence Day is one of the defining Hollywood blockbusters. The movie was renewed for a sequel and released in 2016, 20 years after its initial 1996 premiere.

The second movie was not well-received by fans or critics, and Fox canceled the franchise. After Disney acquired Fox, there was hope for a third movie, but no official announcements have been made.

In the meantime, please keep checking our website for more updates on this and other blockbuster movies!

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