Infiesto: Release Date Announced, All Details Here!

Narinder kumar
Narinder kumar
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Infiesto is an upcoming Spanish film about to release pretty soon, which is why fans are waiting for it. We have seen how globalization has made the whole country a part of a single living.

And that’s why entertainment has also become common, as one can access all genres of all sorts of regional series and films in one go.

Whether it is related to OTT platforms or certain websites, almost everyone gives a variety of content to the audience. Talking about any Spanish film that will release pretty soon, then it is Infiesto.

Infiesto is an upcoming Spanish film that will fall under thriller and mystery. This film is directed and written by Patxi Amezcua while on the other hand, It will be produced by Emma Lustres and Borja Pena. Talking about cinematography then, Josu Inháustegui has done quite a a healthy job with Lucas’s editing.

Infiesto Release Date

Infiesto: Release Date Announced, All Details Here!

The film Infiesto is going to release on 3rd February 2023. The running time of the film is not revealed. However, one can look it up in more than one and a half hours. We will have the movie on Netflix as they have distributed it.

Talking about the plot then, the movie was set in March 2020. The story is related to Covid-19 in Spain as it follows inspectors. These two inspectors arrive in a village to investigate a missing woman who was recently found. It will follow many mysteries and thrillers that will give Goosebumps to the audience.

Infiesto Cast Members

The cast and characters of the film are also remarkable as they were chosen well by the makers for certain characters. We have seen many of these actors doing a pretty well job at their previous work, so that’s the reason why fans are pretty excited to see them in the upcoming. So here are all the details of the cast and characters of Infiesto:

Férriz must be as inspector jefe Samuel García, Iria del Río would be there as subinspector Castro, José Manuel Poga, Luis Zahera, Juan Fernández, Ismael Fristchi, Isabel Naveira, Ana Villa, María Mera would also be there.

It took seven weeks to choose the location, later confirmed as Austria. Fans are anticipating and waiting for this film to release as it was introduced for a long time since its announcement.

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