Is Unlocked Netflix | Releasing In February 2023?

Narinder kumar
Narinder kumar
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South Korean mysteries are the new fantastic pass time,  Unlocked, a new Netflix original movie, which has been inspired by the 2017 book Sumaho o Otoshita dake, which is further also influenced by the Japanese film Stolen Identity.

However,  The Japanese adaptation did not appear to be a success, even though we’re all too acquainted with Netflix’s Korean adaptations. This will become the second Korean original movie published on Netflix this year.

Consider a person who can track you without following you and discovers every detail about you, from your interests to your darkest secrets. That is the impression intended by the new thriller film Unlocked.

What is going to be the Release date for Unlocked?

Is Unlocked Netflix | Releasing In February 2023?

We are glad to announce that the Korean thriller Unlocked will be available to the audience on Friday, February 17th, 2023. The runtime of the film will be 117 minutes.

What will be the plot of Unlocked?

Is Unlocked Netflix | Releasing In February 2023?

Na-mi loses her phone, which contains all her personal information, while on her journey home from work. Jun-Yeong discovers Na-mi’s phone and gives it back to her, but she can secretly spy only after installing a device. He finds all he can about Na-mi by following her, including her locations, interests, preferences, professional life, income, and social network. He then pursues her while disguising his actual identity.

Meanwhile, Ji-man, a detective, discovers evidence of his son Jun-Yeong at a crime scene and discreetly examines Jun-Yeong, assuming the worst.

Na-mi is delighted to have discovered her phone, but her everyday life soon spirals out of control. Her entire existence is jeopardized since she misplaced her phone. And who knew what a single loss of a smartphone could lead to?

Is there a Trailer for the movie Unlocked?

YouTube video

Yes, there is! An ordinary girl misplaces her smartphone on her way home from work.  As she searches for her smartphone, which has all of her private details, threats begin to arise in her daily life.

The film focuses on Akira Teshigawara’s Japanese novel of the same name, which was earlier adapted into the 2018 film Stolen Identity.


Im Si-wan as Jun-yeong

Chun Woo-Hee as Nami

Kim Hee-won as Ji-man

Park Ho-san

Kim Ye-won

Jeon Jin-oh

Kim Joo-young

Lee Jae Woo

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