Learn more about Luis Suarez’s daughter, Delfina: Her family, net worth and much more.

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Luis Suarez is a highly renowned Uruguayan professional soccer player and prolific striker for Gremio in the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A and Uruguay’s national team. His skill and great celebrity have left people worldwide wanting to know more about him and his family. Here we provide an in-depth look into Luis Suarez’s family!

Luis Suarez Daughter Delfina Suarez

Luis Suarez, the renowned soccer player, has three remarkable kids. His eldest daughter, Delfina Suarez, was brought up in Barcelona alongside her two younger siblings, Lautaro and Benjamin.

Luis Suarez’s daughter Delfina celebrated her twelfth birthday this year, and her father remarkably showed his immense love for the young girl. After scoring a goal during an important match, he kissed the tattoo of Delfina on his wrist next to his name – what an incredible gesture! It was, no doubt, incredibly overwhelming for all those who witnessed it.

Learn More About Luis Suarez'S Daughter, Delfina: Her Family, Net Worth And Much More.

Delfina, a vibrant and sharp young girl, is the primary source of encouragement for her father, Luis Suarez. He frequently emphasizes that his family are his primary strength whenever he plays in front of them. Delfina has been seen cheering loudly at every one of her dad’s games, demonstrating how much he values their support.

Louis Suarez is always sharing images of his joyous family on social media, showing the world how proud they are of each accomplishment. Recently, a photograph uploaded by Louis was seen millions of times– and in it, we can observe Delfina’s rapid growth! This incredible success story has filled them with delight.

Delfina Suarez Age And Height

Luis Suarez’s Daughter Delfina Suarez had blown out the twelfth candle in her life. She celebrated her birthday on August 6, and both her parents were thrilled to see their daughter grow.

Delfina Suarez’s talls stand at 144 cm that is four feet and nine inches. She is so adorable, like her mother, Sofia and is currently leading a serene life with her family.

Luis Suarez Sons Benjamin And Lautaro

Luis Suarez is a fortunate father with two gorgeous sons – Benjamin and Lautaro. In 2013 the world was graced with his firstborn son, Benjamin. And only days after Barcelona emerged victorious in the Champions League against Inter Milan 2018, they welcomed their second bundle of joy into this world they lovingly call “Lauti”.

Learn More About Luis Suarez'S Daughter, Delfina: Her Family, Net Worth And Much More.

He was ecstatic to share images of his newborn son after the match. Furthermore, when his infant bit Suarez on the shoulder, it quickly spread online and reminded him affectionately of when he had bitten other players in previous matches.

Luis Suarez has had some unforgettable moments in his career that will stay with him and his supporters for eternity. His two boys, Benjamin (nine-years-old) and Lautaro (four), have grown up immensely since those special memories were first made.

Luis Suarez And His Wife

At just fifteen years old, Luis Suarez encountered the love of his life: Sofia Balbi. Although he was working as a street sweeper at the time and she was two years younger than him, their connection has proven strong enough to stand the test of time. In many ways, it’s true that behind every successful man is a woman – for Suarez, in particular, his wife has been an incredible source of strength and courage throughout his football career.

Learn More About Luis Suarez'S Daughter, Delfina: Her Family, Net Worth And Much More.

Luis Suarez, the renowned goalscorer who has made a name for himself and achieved global success from humble beginnings in an impoverished part of Uruguay, can thank Sofia Balbi for her unwavering support during his long journey. Despite enduring emotional and financial turmoil throughout this period, she remained by Luis’ side until he reached the pinnacle of success.

Sofia Balbi is more than just being recognized as the wife of Luis Suarez; she is more than that label. Sofia Balbi was born on October 11, 1989, on the outskirts of Montevideo, the beautiful capital city of Uruguay.

Growing up, Sofia was blessed with the security of having a financially stable family. Her father worked as a banker while her brother made his mark in professional football – no wonder the talented lady has an estimated net worth of $5 million! It doesn’t hurt that she also married into wealth and success too. Indeed, we are all delighted by her fortunate circumstances!

With a whopping 1.6 million followers on Instagram, Sofia is undeniably an internet sensation. Naturally, this has led to multiple brand endorsements and significant wealth accumulation for her. As the owner of Barcelona’s premier luxury footwear store, which features only the highest-quality brands from around the world, Sofia continues to rake in success – financial and otherwise!


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Born the fourth of seven boys to Sandra Diaz and Rodolfo Suarez, this prominent soccer star hails from a large family. His older brother Paolo Suarez is also known for his footballing prowess; he had a successful career before retiring as part of Isidro Metapan in El Salvador.

Luis Suarez developed his football acuity when he worked as a sweet sweeper at fifteen. Luis Suarez is of mixed race; his parents divorced when he was only nine.

Luis Suarez’s Net Worth

With an impressive career full of fascinating techniques and awe-inspiring controversies, he is widely recognized as the most skilled striker in the world. His net worth will stand at $70 million by 2022 and has experienced a tremendous increase over recent years due to his never-ending contributions throughout his illustrious career. He led an even more accomplished life than he had envisioned before while surrounded by his outstanding family members.

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