Love Is Blind: After the Altar Season 3: Release Date, and All You Need to Know

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Narinder kumar
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The cast of Love is Blind season 3 is back on Netflix with their ‘After the Altar’ adventure as they strive to find love again. The season, which premiered in November 2022, concluded with two couples finding their happily-ever-after and three teams departing the program with their hearts crushed.

The new season trailer has already been out, and it looks dramatic. Raven addresses rumours of SK cheating on her (which he denies), there is a surprise proposal, and Cole is spotted juggling a cutie’s orange. I’m sorry, but I’m not prepared for the pandemonium that will ensue this season.

Explanation of Love Is Blind Trailer: After the Altar

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After the Altar teases the cast members’ engagements, heartbreaks, and lifelong friendships, Raven, who was cheated on by SK when the two chose to date after the cameras stopped shooting, may have the most incredible backstory. Previously, the former wanted to say yes at the Altar, but SK could not marry her due to cultural differences and family timeframes.

SK proposes to Raven once more in the trailer, and the two discuss investing in their future together. After the betrayal, the latter states she still believes in love but has no clue SK could cheat on her. Zainab, who confronted Cole at the Altar for body shaming her and left him, will also appear in the series and speak with her ex-fiance.

Netflix attempted to disprove Zanab’s accusations by displaying a film of her refusing to eat anything during the finale. Cole explains in the teaser that love isn’t blind for him and that he wants to be a better guy. In Love is Blind: After the Altar Season 3, Alexa and Brennon are seen enjoying their happily ever after, and they even former jokes about giving each other marriage counsel.

Due to their pending lease, Colleen and Matt will continue to live together, albeit in different apartments. During the reunion, which took place in June 2021, the two revealed that they would be moving in together in a few months.

Nancy and Bartise will admit that they have seen each other regularly since the latter declined the proposal at the Altar. After breaking Nancy’s heart, her mother and brother were furious with Bartise on the wedding day. In the trailer, he compels her to tell him whether or not she wants to be friends with him. It is still being determined whether or not the two have reconciled.

When Is Will Love Blind: After The Altar Season 3 Be Available?

Love Is Blind: After The Altar Season 3: Release Date, And All You Need To Know

After the Altar’s new three-episode season premieres on February 10th.

Which Couples Will We Follow In After The Altar?

Alexa and BrennonColleen and Matt, SK and RavenNancy and Bartise, and Zanab and Cole have all checked in.

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