Margot Robbie Net Worth

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Margot Robbie Net Worth: Margot Robbie is an Australian actress and film producer from Queensland. She has been known for blockbuster movies and has received several awards, which is why her new worth may already be quite a hefty amount. 

Recently, Margot Robbie was chosen to star in the upcoming Barbie live-action movie. Among her famous role as an actresses are Goodbye Christopher Robin and Suicide Squad. 

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Who is Margot Robbie? 

Margot Elise Robbie, 31 years old, is an Australian actress and producer. Currently, Margot Robbie husband is Tom Ackerle.

She has paved her way through the industry with her blockbuster and independent films, in which she received several nominations for Academy Award, Golden Globe Awards, and Academy Film Awards. 

In her early life, Margot Elis Robbie lived in Queensland and is the youngest among four siblings. She was raised by a single mother and lived on a farm that belonged to her grandparents. 

Margot Robbie Net Worth

Later on, she was enrolled in a circus school by her mother and received a certificate to do trapeze at eight. In high school, Margot studies drama at Somerset College. Still, she did not have it easy, and Robbie had to work three jobs simultaneously, where she cleaned houses, and worked at Subway and a bar. 

When Robbie graduated, she landed a few commercials and independent thriller films, and that’s when she decided to relocate to Melbourne and pursue her acting. 

In 2008, she made her television debut as a guest role in the drama series City Homicide. She also made a two-episode arc in the children’s tv series The Elephant Princess, where she starred alongside Liam Hemsworth

Robbie decided to audition for the soap opera Neighbours, where she began playing Donna Freedman, and was later on made a regular cast. In that soap opera, she received two Logie Award Nominations. Margot Robbie Ocean 11 is also part of her career, and these are just some of Margot Robbie Movies.

In 2011, Margot Robbie decided to move to Los Angels and pursue her Hollywood career. She tried her luck to audition for the new series of Charlie’s Angels, but instead was offered a role in the ABC drama Pan Am as Laura Cameron. 

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This was later followed by the action-adventure film ‘The Legend of Tarzan’, where she played the female lead, Jane Porter. Margot Robbie continuously had success in her movies, so she made it as Harley Quinn of the blockbuster movie Suicide Squad in 2016. 

Margot Robbie Net Worth

All these explain Margot Robbie Net Worth up to this date, which we will find out now. 

How much is Margot Robbie Net Worth?

Margot Robbie Net Worth – How much money has she made through the years? 

As of 2022, Margot Robbie Net Worth is estimated to be $26 Million. 

Among the highlights of her career as Margot Robbie an actress are: 

  • The Wolf of Wall Street (Movie, 2013)
  • Focus (Movie, 2015)
  • Suicide Squad (Movie, 2016)
  • Terminal (Movie, 2018)

Just this year, she was offered a new role to lead the Barbie live-action role, which we can say is already one of the most successful among her roles. 

Aside from the famous movies, she also makes money through advertisements and tv commercials that are part of Margot Robbie Net Worth. 

Margot Robbie Net Worth

Margot Robbie Net Worth is not just because of her acting skills but also a film producer. Aside from that, she has gained an excellent image in the industry as her name was included in TIME’s list of 100 Most Influential People in the World back in 2019. Moreover, she was also part as one of the highest-paid actresses, which explains Margot Robbie Net Worth.

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