Michael Jordan vs Ron Artest after 40 years – NBA’s most controversial match-up

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Michael Jordan vs Ron Artest after 40 years: Michael Jordan is known in the basketball world as one of the most competitive athletes and among his many foes was Ron Artest, now known as Metta World Peace, an All-Star and DPOY himself as well. 

Michael Jordan has been reflecting on his attitude throughout his career, and one of the most memorable thing in his career was being in an offense and defense against Ron Artest. 

Get to know more about Michael Jordan vs Ron Artest after 40 years here. Keep reading! 

NBA legend Michael Jordan 

Considered one of the most famous among all basketball players, Michael Jordan is a legend. 

Michael Jordan Vs Ron Artest After 40 Years

He has a phenomenal and unique fundamental soundness, grace, speed, power, artistry, and most especially, competitive desire, which is why he is considered the NBA superstar. 

Jordan has made an impact through his awards and championship and how he became a true icon, spearheading the globalization of the NBA. 

Get to know more how Michael Jordan vs Ron Artest after 40 years went, and how this became a most known Michael Jordan news.

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Michael Jordan vs Ron Artest after 40 years – A Story To Tell. 

Back in the wizard’s era of MJ, Artest was playing for the Bulls. Ron Artest was on the rise during that era which is why it was essential to him. 

However, Metta World Peace, also known as Ron Artest, missed out on playing for the Bulls with MJ because Jordan was already two years in his retirement when Artest got drafted by the Bulls. 

When Artest started playing for the Bulls, he would always pattern his play and follow the footstep of Michael Jordan when playing. Because of that, despite his young age, he quickly emerged as the team’s best defender. 

So when did this “Michael Jordan vs Ron Artest after 40 years” happen?

When did Artest have a Match with MJ? 

When MJ became part of the Wizards, Artest had a chance to play against him. Michael Jordan was 38 years old then, and that was when Artest was pictured blocking one of Jordan’s signature midrange jumps. 

Artest has been following MJ’s career even before he got drafted, which gave him the chance to study his moves. 

Michael Jordan Vs Ron Artest After 40 Years

According to several headlines, a 38-year-old Jordan was not ready to be outshined by a youngster, as his competitive self would not let him. 

Luckily, Artest was able to share his side of the story regarding the incident. According to him, in the summer of 2001, when several headlines were trending and viral, was when the incident of MJ getting injured caused by Artest. 

Now the headline Michael Jordan vs Ron Artest after 40 years was all over the news, but Artest said that it wasn’t anything like that at all. 

He recalled how Jordan invited him to play ball and when they were playing the game, he tried to defend the ball, so Jordan wouldn’t be able to touch the ball. So when he denied the ball with the left hand, Artest’s right elbow went under his hand and hit him in his ribs which the ref called a foul. 

After that, reports tell that Artest fought with Michael Jordan, which is why he broke his ribs. He locked himself inside his room, thinking he had hurt MJ, one of his idols. 

Michael Jordan Vs Ron Artest After 40 Years

But according to World Peace, Jordan immediately cleared the air and put his mind to ease. He mentioned in the interview, “Jordan calls me, and Jordan was like, ‘Hey man, it’s ok. Things happen, and don’t worry about it.’ And then I went back to playing. It was one of the greatest phone calls I got in my life.”

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