Mortel Season 3: Update on Release Date, Leaks and Cast

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Have you been waiting for Mortel Season 3?

Netflix’s tv series Mortel dropped its second season back on July 2, 2021, and fans could not wait for another installment. The show’s first season was released in 2020, while the second one was in 2021, with six episodes.

The series was created by Frederic Garcia and produced the show for Netflix. Here’s everything we know so far for Mortel Season 3. 

What is Mortel about? – Storyline 

Mortel is a French supernatural television series that follows the story of three teenagers. Among them, the two have acquired superpowers after dealing with a supernatural being (voodoo god) to solve a murder. This eventually goes wrong and to be set free. They must defeat him.

Official Synopsis

Mortel Season 3: Renewed Or Cancelled?

Two teenagers make a pact with a voodoo god Obé to allow them to solve and avenge the apparent murder of Sofiane’s brother, Reda.

Obé gives Sofiane the power to manipulate other people’s actions, while Victor can read their minds. They enlist the help of Luisa, who practices voodoo with her grandmother, so they may be free of the grip that Obé has on them.

Will Mortel Season 3 be renewed or canceled?

We have not heard from Netflix if the show has been renewed or canceled for another season. However, fans and some discussion groups don’t think the French series will be back on the platform for another installment. 

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Although there is no doubt that the viewers well received the show, unfortunately, it did not accept enough popularity that will push for the series to create another part after season 2. 

Still, since fans have been asking and wondering if the show will renew, we have the other half of the possibility that the show will be back since Netflix has no official announcement regarding its cancellation. 

Mortel Season 3: Release Date 

We have yet to wait for an official announcement from the producers and Netflix on whether or not the show will be renewed for Season 3. 

If we assume that we will have Mortel Season 3, we are most likely to have it on air by late 2022 or by 2023 already. 

No worries, you can always watch the past two seasons on Netflix. 

Mortel Season 3: Cast 

Mortel Season 3: Renewed Or Cancelled?

Mortel Season 3 has no official cast list yet. We can assume, and we hope to see the original cast back for the third installment if ever the show gets renewed. 

Among the cast included in Season one and two are: 

  • Carl Malapa as Sofiane Kada
  • Némo Schiffman as Victor Wanderwelt
  • Manon Bresch as Luisa Manjimbe
  • Corentin Fila as Obé
  • Sami Outabali as Reda Kada, brother of Sofiane
  • Firmine Richard as Elizabeth, Luisa’s grandmother
  • Anaïs Thomas as Audrey Jourdant
  • Raphaëlle Agogué as Celine Wanderwelt
  • Marvin Dubart as Bastien Duponchel
  • Léa Léviant as Melanie
  • Assa Sylla as Nora Cissoko
  • Stéphane Brel as Herve
  • Daouda Keita as Ousmane Blanchard

Aside from them, we hope to see new faces in Season 3 for more twists and turns on the storyline. 

Mortel Season 3: Official Trailer 

Although we do not have an official trailer for Mortel Season 3 yet, you can catch up and recap on the last two seasons of the series on Netflix. 

If you want something shorter, check out this trailer from Mortel Season 2. 

YouTube video

Season 2 ended with many cliffhangers, which made the fans ask for a third season. 

The producers have always wanted a three-part series. However, it will only depend on how it reflects on the ratings and chart.

If viewers continue to support the show, the possibility of having Mortel Season 3 is high. 

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