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In January 2022, the horror film Nanny had its world premiere at the Sundance Film festival and received much appreciation. The film is written and directed by Nikyatu Jusu and has yet to be released in theaters to audiences worldwide.

Nanny Movie Release Date Has Been Revealed! Where to watch?

Nanny movie plot revolves around a mother who is hired as a nanny for an influential couple in New York and hopes that this new job will open doors for her to be reunited with the son she left behind.

Nanny Movie Release Date

The Nanny movie release date has been officially announced and will be available to the public soon. Furthermore, in this article, we will learn about the Nanny cast, plot, streaming, trailer, spoilers and more.

What is Nanny Movie (2022) about?

Nikyatu Jusu’s Nanny had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and will also premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2022. The genres associated with the film are horror and thriller. The Nanny . production companies movie includes: Stay Gold FeaturesTopic Studios and LinLay Productions.

the babysitter film is distributed by Amazon Studios and Blumhouse Productions. The release date of the Nanny film has been officially announced and the film will be available to the public in theaters on November 23, 2022, and the film will be released on Prime Video later on December 16. The film has been highly acclaimed after its world premiere and the rest of the public is eagerly awaiting its worldwide release.

Movie Babysit
Director Nikyatu Jusu
stars Anna Diop
Michelle Monaghan
Sinqua Walls
Genres Horror
Languages English
Original network Prime Video
Theater Publication date Nov 23, 2022
OTT release date Dec 16, 2022

Nanny Movie Expected release date

As mentioned before the Babysit movie has already had its world premiere at a film festival and is all set for a special presentation at the Toronto International Film Festival in the month of September. The Babysit movie will be released in theaters as well as Prime Video streaming platform as one of the distributors is Amazon studios.

Nanny movie release date for theaters is set to be Nov 23, 2022and streaming on Prime Video will take place on Dec 16, 2022. This upcoming horror movie has an intriguing plot that has already attracted a large audience.

Babysit movie spoilers are also there, as the film already had its world premiere earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival in January. The upcoming horror film Nanny has not only been positively received, but has also won the Grand Jury Award at the US Dramatic Competition.


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Nanny Movie Storyline

Nanny movie plot has already attracted a large audience and received positive comments from critics after its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. The plot revolves around a mother who has emigrated from Senegal and found a job as a nanny for the daughter of an influential couple in New York. She has left her son behind and hopes that this new job as a caregiver will help her return her son to the US.

As she continues to work and builds hopes that all is well with her, she begins to experience a strange sinister presence in the couple’s home. She begins to struggle to distinguish her dreams from reality and is deeply concerned about what is happening around her. The Babysit film depicts the life of an immigrant and the hardships she must endure to make ends meet. All this with a dash of horror is sure to make for an intriguing film.

Where to watch Nanny movie?

The Sundance Film festival that took place earlier this year already saw the world premiere of the upcoming horror film Nanny and it received many positive reviews.

The Babysit film will be released in theaters on November 23, 2022 for a limited period of time, and as one of its distributors partnered with Blumhouse Productions is Amazon Studios, Nanny streaming will also take place on the famous Prime Video platform after the theatrical release.

This upcoming horror movie will be released on the accessible Prime Video platform on December 16, 2022. That means that the public will see a good horror thriller during the holidays.

Nanny Movie 2022 Form

The Nanny movie cast includes some talented famous actors and they are listed below.

  • Anna Diop plays the character of Aisha.
  • Michelle Monaghan plays the character of Amy.
  • Sinqua Walls plays the character of Malik.
  • Morgan Spector plays the character Adam.
  • Rose Decker plays the character Rose.
  • Leslie Uggams plays the character of Kathleen.
  • Olamide Candide-Johnson plays the character of Mariatou.
  • Jahleel Kamara plays the character of Lamine.
  • Princess Adenike plays the character of Nikki.
  • Zephani Idoko plays the character of Sallay.
Nanny Movie 2022 Cast

The social media Talk On Nanny Movie

Since the premiere of Nanny at the film festival, it has been trending on the famous social media platform Twitter with the hashtag “#Nanny” and viewers have expressed their opinion about the film and its upcoming release in theaters and Prime Video. The audience has expressed how grateful they are that an accessible platform like Prime Video has picked up this movie since they loved this movie during the Sundance Film Festival.

Audiences also appreciated the fact that the trailer doesn’t give much away and is designed to grab viewers’ attention. Viewers have also indicated that the film seems terrifying and unpredictable and are really looking forward to seeing it.

What to expect from Nanny Movie?

Since the upcoming film Nanny has already received a significant number of positive reviews from critics and has also been recognized with the Grand Jury Award at the US Dramatic Competition, it is only fair that we expect good things from this film.

The first sight of the film also indicates that the film is extremely terrifying and mysterious. The storyline also suggests that this film can make the audience feel all kinds of emotions as a mother tries to reunite with her child and faces many hardships and violent sinister activities around her. All in all, the audience can expect to be captivated by the Nanny plot.

Nanny Movie Trailer

Nanny movie trailer has been officially released and it gives us a glimpse of what the movie is going to bring to the table. At the beginning of the trailer, we see the main character Aisha talking to her son via video call and later she is welcomed by a woman whose daughter will be under Aisha’s care.

she is later seen doing her job as a janitor and exploring the city where she also meets a man. As the trailer continues, Aisha finds herself in a swimming pool and in an instant, her surroundings become eerie and dark. Strange activities happen that make her question everything. The trailer looks promising and the link is given below.

YouTube video

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