Nicolas Cage Net Worth 2022: How Rich is He?

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Nicolas Cage Net Worth: Nicolas Cage, also known as Nicolas Kim Coppola, is a well-known American actor, director, and producer. 

A lot of fans are indeed curious about Nicolas Cage Net Worth. Have you seen any of his movies? Nicolas has already filmed numerous films, including Valley Girl, Racing with the Moon, Fire Birds, Vampire Kiss, Leaving Las Vegas, etc. 

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Keep reading if you want to know more about Nicolas Cage Net Worth, personal life, and career!

Get to know more about Nicolas Cage 

Nicolas Cage, Nicolas Kim Coppola’s birth name, was born on January 7, 1964. 

He is a recipient of several awards for being one of the greatest actors in Hollywood. He has received awards from Academy Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, and even Golden Globe Award. 

The Early Life of Nicolas Cage 

Nicolas Cage Net Worth 2022

On January 7, 1964, Nicolas was born in Long Beach, California. His father was a professor, while his mother was a dancer and choreographer. Cage grew up in a Catholic family where he had two brothers, and all of them are of Italian descent and German and Polish ancestry. 


When Cage was young, she attended Beverly Hills High School, a school known for housing alumni who became entertainers later. Even in his childhood, he was already eager to act, and his first noncinematic acting experience was in a school production. Cage attended UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television for college too. 

With this, he continued to show interest in acting and the field of entertainment. When Nicolas Cage was 15 years old, he tried to convince his uncle to give him a screen test and allow him to show his talent in acting. Coppola’s uncle is a director of movies and has already worked with Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and other famous actors, which only explains why Nicolas Cage wanted to impress him. 

Nicolas Cage was inspired by James Dean when he watched him in the movie Rebel Without a Cause, East of Eden. 

The Career Life of Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage Net Worth 2022

Nicolas Cage debuted in the film Fast Times at Ridgemont High with a minor role. He worked together with Sean Penn in the movie. 

In 1983, he got another project and starred in Valley Girl, which Martha Coolidge directed. 

There is no doubt that Nicolas Cage started roughly in the industry as he was told he only had the chance to enter the sector because of Nepotism. Still, he wanted to prove himself, and he did. 

Cage continued to accept films and projects in which he had starred in. He auditioned for a role in the movie The Outsiders, but unfortunately, he lost to another character even if it was his uncle’s film. 

Again, he did not stop there. He was able to land a role in the movies Rumble Fish and Peggy Sue Got Married. Nicolas Cage also appeared in the film Moonstruck, Raising Arizona, Wild at Heart, and the black comedy crime Matchstick Men.   

Many Nicolas Cage films won grand awards and became blockbuster hits, which probably explains Nicolas Cage Net worth. Any guess on Nicolas Cage Net Worth? 

One of the biggest box-offices hit movies he appeared in was National Treasure which he worked with Harvey Keitel and John Voight. Cage also starred in the films Lord of War and The Weather Man.  

In 2000’s he continued to flourish with movies that are well known worldwide. In 2010, Cage starred in the historical film Season of which and another movie starred as a sorcerer, entitled Balthazar. 

Now let’s find out Nicolas Cage Net Worth. 

Nicolas Cage Net Worth 

What is Nicolas Cage Net Worth?

Nicolas Cage Net Worth 2022

Nicolas Cage Net Worth as of 2022 is $25 Million. His net worth comes from his income as an actor and filmmaker. 

Moreover, since he is a well-known artist, he has received many commercial projects and endorsements, which is also a factor in his Net Worth. 

Nicolas Cage has also received many awards and achievements as an actor, such as the Best Actor -Leading Role from the Academy Awards in 1996. 

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