North When A Video Of Her Daughter Kicking A Substitute Teacher And Using Racially Insensitive Language Surfaces, A Texas Mom Takes Action

Charles kenny
Charles kenny
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Texas city of FORT WORTH — A video that has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times shows a freshman at Fort Worth’s Castleberry High School striking a substitute teacher. There’s more to this storey than what you can see in the video, according to the student’s mother.

Anxious distress and bipolar disorder are among the conditions that Brittany Evans’ autistic daughter suffers from.

“I felt bad for the teacher.” “Evans commented. “I was heartbroken that she had to be in that situation in the first place.”

As many as ten meetings have been held with school officials to get Evans’ daughter into special education classes, she said in an interview.

So that we don’t have to go through this, I wish the school would correctly label her “That’s what Evans said.

In a statement, the school district said it was unable to comment on the student’s family’s conversations.

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The video shows the student calling Evans and using racial slurs while on the phone after he punched the teacher.

Because she’s black and “expletive” pissed me off, the student said, “You want to talk to her?”

For Evans, “there is no place she would learn something like that,” according to WFAA.

“I am well aware that I never use racial epithets, “she stated. “As far as I know, no one in my family ever uses racial slang in front of me.

District officials told WFAA that they are aware of the video and that it has disturbed them. They also lauded the teacher’s demeanour and professionalism.

The school district issued a statement saying, “We support the teacher and her response in the strongest terms possible.” “The district immediately turned this matter over to law enforcement because criminal activity occurred.”

However, Castleberry ISD Police did not respond to a request for comment on the investigation. In addition to a three-day suspension, Evans said her daughter could face additional punishments.

The United Educators Association’s Executive Director told WFAA that the student should be charged with a crime.

The United Educators Association’s Steve Poole said, “What that student did is a felony under state law.” It is illegal to assault a public servant, and a teacher is one.” It is hoped that the student will be punished in accordance with the law”

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In the meantime, Evans said she wanted to apologise to her daughter’s teacher.

I admire her tremendously. She has a calm demeanour, is extremely organised, and is extremely sweet. Evans said he wanted to get in touch with her but didn’t know-how. In my eyes she’s a saint,” I say. And it’s time for a prize.”

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