On National Poinsettia Day 2022, Get Ready to be Mesmerized by These Fascinating Facts You Simply Can’t Ignore!

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As we approach the joyous holiday season, poinsettias are undoubtedly one of the best plants to decorate your home in festive cheer. In today’s article, let us uncover what National Poinsettia Day 2022 is all about! Are you ready? Read on for a comprehensive look into this particular day, and get excited about the festivities ahead!

On National Poinsettia Day, celebrated each December 12thecember across the United States, we honour one of the most iconic holiday plants. Popularized as a houseplant in the mid-twentieth century, this traditional flower blooms in December. It is often referred” to as the “Christma” plant” or Flor de la Nochebuena (flower of Holy Night). Symbolizing joy and Christmas spirit for many around the world, let us take some time today to appreciate its beauty!

Today marks the day of a beautiful crimson-hued flower that is intrinsically associated with Christmas. Centuries ago, Franciscan missionaries in Mexico linked it to the nativity story. And now, its presence is a reminder that holidays are just around the corner! Aztecs have revered this particular bloom for centuries because they believed it embodied purity and prosperity.

December 12ther 12th was established as a national holiday to revere Virgin Mary, who was widely thought to have appeared before a young man on that day in 1531.

On National Poinsettia Day 2022, Get Ready To Be Mesmerized By These Fascinating Facts You Simply Can'T Ignore!

The History of National Poinsettia Day

Aztec gods sacrificed and created the Poinsettia to celebrate the beauty of their universe. Its sap was also greatly admired for its ability to heal fevers! In 2002, The House of Representatives commemorated Father-of-the-Poinsettia Paul Ecke with a special day in his honour: Poinsettia Day. It is believed Joel Roberts Poinsett eventually introduced this plant to America; it’s, it’s celeb December 12ther 12th—the anniversary marking his death day.

What is the historical connection between National Poinsettia Day and Christianity?

The story tells about a poor Mexican girl who wanted to give a present to Jesus, but she had nothing to offer. An angel came and told her to give a gift with love. Therefore she gathered weeds from the roadside and placed them around the manger. As a result, they transformed into poinsettias.

In Mexico, poinsettias – known by their beautiful name La Flores de la Nochebuena or the Flowers of the Holy Night – are especially cherished for lasting throughout Year’s festivities.

On National Poinsettia Day 2022, Get Ready To Be Mesmerized By These Fascinating Facts You Simply Can'T Ignore!

How were poinsettias discovered?

The beautiful poinsettias were discovered by chance during a visit to the Mexican town of Taxco, Guerrero, in 1828. Joel Roberts Poinsett, an American statesman and the first U.S. ambassador to Mexico then, was captivated by their vibrant red hue. He thus started the long history of admiration for these gorgeous flowers!

So taken with the beauty of these plants, Poinsett sent cuttings back to his plantation in Georgetown, South Carolina – and their appeal quickly spread throughout the United States.

Although Paul Ecke played an essential role in making it famous all over the U.S.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

What National December 12ther 12 December 12ther 12th, we commemorate National Poinsettia Day – a day to celebrate the symbolic plants of the festive season. Across America, individuals join together in appreciation for this beloved holiday greenery.

Do poinsettias bring good luck?

The answer to this question is yes; according to ancient Aztecs, Red, white or pink poinsettias symbolise success and celebration.

What is the tradition of poinsettias?

The unique shape of the poinsettia – with its flower and leaves – reminds us of Bethlehem, the destination that guided the Wise Men to Jesus. Furtheit’se, its vibrant red hue symbChrist’shrist’s blood.

Do people throw away poinsettias after Christmas?

Poinsettias can remain for 2 to 3 months.

Why do churches decorate with poinsettias?

Poinsettia represents a member’sember’s loved one who has either passed away this year or anytime in the past.

What are some facts about poinsettia?

These vibrant poinsettias can be grown outside in moist soil between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months. Not to worry, they are not toxic or poisonous!

The finalists

It’s been a pleasure to provide you with updated information about National Poinsettia Day 2022. We hope this article was valuable and enjoyable for youEach December 12ther 12th, Americans recognize National Poinsettia Day in honour of the iconic plant and its creator, Paul Ecke. This day marks a special remembrance for Joel Roberts Poinsett, whose death is honoured by this annual celebration.

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