Pokemon Go: What Are The Top 10 Rarest Pokemon

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Charles kenny
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It was fantastic to have this crazy legacy of collecting Pokemon back then. If you have been a big fan and following Pokemon gum recently, you know about the elite ™ system where you can obtain those legacy moves by just using an elite ™. We will list down in this article the top 10 rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go and many more.

Into the number 10 position is a Pokemon that is 100% obtainable. It is something you can get from the PvP. However, collecting these rarest characters is quite challenging, and any rundown for the rarest Pokemon can change overnight. Some Pokemon have been tucked away behind holiday seasons and different events. And luckily, some of these have appeared many times, so you are fortunate to find someone willing to trade them for you.

Top 10 rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

  1. Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie – on this one, we have 3 Pokemon; however, that makes them very rare. Each one of them only spawns only in some specific regions. They do not like to show up at all, or sometimes they often see. If you are getting your region’s Legendary, I think this is something you have been dealing with difficultly. But getting there is even more complicated than you think. To find Azelf, you will need to be in Greenland and the Americas. Mesprit only spawns in sure Middle East, Europe, India, and Africa. While Uxie is only exclusive for the Asia and Pacific region, it means that you need some friends around the globe to catch them all.

Azelf, Mesprit, And Uxie

2. Unown – this is something peculiar to find. It is a Gen II Psychic-type Pokemon. It is wild and has various styles that indicate a letter of the Latin alphabet. This one is also tough to find. They are not obtained by evolution, and they do not have a specific region where you can see this. Even if you have found one of them, it will not grant you catch bonuses. They most likely appear during an event, but only some letters.


3. Pikachu Libre – this is another Pokemon that is always available. But it does not mean that many people have this one. It is only obtainable at the top rank of the GO Battle League. To obtain this, first, you need to fight against all players’ upper echelons to reach the top level. Those who have managed to get Legend Rank in a single season will be rewarded with an encounter with Pikachu Libre.

Pikachu Libre

4. Axew – this rare Pokemon has been considered one of the rarest non-Legendary and non-Mythical creatures. You can obtain Axew unless you have a 10km Egg. However, it is on its highest rarity tier, so it could often be given a chance.


5. Archen – this rare Fossil Pokemon is the Rock/Flying-type Archen. It debuted in January 2020 with Tirtouga. The primary way to obtain this is to have 7km Eggs. However, it is now available in the wild only. The high rarity of Archen means it evolves into Archeops, which is also tricky, and you might have to spend your time in Rare Candy instead.


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6. Tirtouga – this one of the Fossil Pokemon, which is very hard to get. This is a water/rock-type which made its debut in January 2020. It is only available to obtain only if you have 7km Eggs during the February 2020 Fossil Event. It is also known to spawn in the wild and is not exist for the Trainers.


7. Melmetal – this is known to be the first and only Pokemon to make its debut in Pokemon Go. To obtain this one, players need to complete the Let’s Go, Meltan! Special Search, and it only rewards a single Meltan. It will eventually evolve as a Melmetal, which will take you 400 Candy.


8. Sandile – you can obtain this by defeating the Team Go Rocket Leaders. They hatch eggs, and your chances of hatching Sandile are from these bad eggs and evolve twice, and you need a total number of 125 candies for its evolution.


9. Goomy – in the Kalos region, the Pokemons are all rare in general. This is impossible to find since the Luminous Legends X event. It debuted in May 2021, and you need to hatch a 10km Egg for this one. Goomy still shows in the wild, but they are rare during the glory days of May 2021.


10. Galarian Mr Mime – it debuted as part of the ticketed Tap… Tap… Tappity-Tap Special Research story in December 2020. This means that it was an event-locked species for the players for a very long time. Unfortunately, you can only obtain this during the Holidays 2021 event.

Galarian Mr Mime

What is the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go

  1. Melmetal
  2. Noibat
  3. Sandile
  4. Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie
  5. Unown
  6. Pikachu Libre
  7. Axew

What is the rarest shiny in Pokemon Go 2022?

Shiny Pokemon can be encountered usually in the wild whenever you are hatching eggs from Raids, Special Research Breakthroughs, Field Research rewards, and even in-game events. However, there is no trick for us to get Shiny Pokemon, and it is not an easy way to get one.

Here, we will present the list of the Rarest Shiny you will ever see in Pokemon Go 2022

  • Shiny Detective Pikachu
  • Shiny Flower Crown Happiny
  • Shiny Flower Crown Chansey
  • Shiny Meloetta Hat Galarian Ponyta
  • Shiny Meloetta Hat Galarian Zigzagoon
  • Shiny Old Balloon Pikachu
  • Shiny Pikachu Libre
  • Shiny Unown
  • Every Pikachu/Pichu with a hat
  • Shiny Costume Gengar
  • Shiny Galarian Weezing
  • Shiny Party Hat Raticate
  • Shiny Party Hat Wurmple
  • Shiny Party Hat Wobbuffet
  • Shiny Sunglasses Squirtle
  • Shiny Shadow Skorupi
  • Shiny Shadow Snubbull
  • Shiny Shadow Swinub
  • Shiny Shadow Poochyena

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