Reason For Kim’s Convenience Season 6 Cancelation

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Another Canadian comedy television sitcom, Kim’s Convenience, was enjoyed by a lot of fans. Receiving a lot of support and positive reviews from its audience, the story lets you encounter various family dynamics in each episode and explore the identity of other people and their races. It seems that many have been amazed by the film which resulted in its first debut on Netflix. The sitcom already released five seasons and fans are waiting for the next installment to come. Unfortunately, many are shocked to know that Kim’s Convenience Season 6 will not be happening and that the sitcom will only end up in its 5th season. 

Why is Kim’s Convenience Season 6 Canceled?

This film received a lot of positive reviews that even the actors of the sitcom are excited to make Kim’s Convenience Season 6 happen. Unfortunately, the sixth season became unavailable. The reason why is because two co-creators of the film, Ins Choi and Kevin White, have decided to leave the show in order for them to explore other projects, which resulted in it being canceled. Despite this situation, the other producer happens to tell the two co-creators that the film won’t be a success without the two of them. But still, it did not make any difference to the decision of Choi and White.

“We have come to the difficult conclusion that we cannot deliver another season of the same heart and quality that has made the show so special.” The producers said.

There have been stories as well that the show ended due to the issues that the internal production team and cast are facing. According to the actors, they are experiencing discrimination and racism given the fact that the production team is composed of mostly white men. The cast members are not given a voice to speak up in the writers’ room even though some of them are trained screenwriters.

What is Kim’s Convenience Season 6 all about?

The film is exceptionally known as the Canadian film that predominantly supports Asian casts. 

The story is about how Mr. and Ms. Kim relocated from South Korea to the Great White North in hopes of a better future. Can they easily cope with a sudden change in cultural values while juggling their own life as a couple and their children’s lives as well.

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Kim’s Convenience Season 6 Cast and Characters

Paul Sun Hyung-Lee – portrays the role of Appa and the father in the show. He is also known as a Canadian actor and television host.

Jean Yoon – Umma is an American-born Canadian actress and writer of Korean descent.

Andrea Bang – the daughter who plays the role of Janet. She is a Canadian actress and was nominated for a Canadian screen award. 

Simu Liu plays the role of Jung, the son, and is known as a Canadian actor and a stuntman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Shang-Chi.

Other characters in the film include Jung’s friend and coworker Andrew Phung as Kimchee, his manager Nicole Power as Shannon, and Janet’s friend Ben Beauchemin as Gerald Tremblay.

Although fans are heartbroken about the cancelation of the show, they are surely happy that they were able to watch such a beautiful story that focuses on multiculturalism. Fans are still keeping their hopes up and are wishing that the filmmakers will surprise them very soon with an announcement of the renewal of the show.

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