Roguebook Release Date on Playstation, Xbox and Switch 2022

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Roguebook: The game is a single-player roguelike deck-builder in a procedurally generated world. It is being developed by Abrakam and was published initially last May 2021.

Roguebook is the second major game from Abrakam, the creator of the strategy card game Faeria. You have probably seen Roguebook already on Steam, but many of you are waiting for it to be available for Playstation, Xbox, and Switch.

Here are a few details about Roguebook!

What is the game Roguebook about? 

Roguebook as mentioned is a single-player roguelike deck builder game in a generated world. 

Roguebook Release Date 2022

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It was initially released and made available for PCs in the Summer of 2021. It received a positive reception on Steam, so they decided to release it on consoles. 

Here’s a quick overview of the game: 

“The ancients speak of a Book written since time immemorial containing all the world’s legends. Through contact with the source of magic, the Book developed a wicked free will of its own and became the Roguebook!

You are trapped in the Book of Lore of Faeria, and each page represents a new challenge. Lead your two heroes to victory in this roguelike deck builder developed with Richard Garfield, creator of Magic: The Gathering. Put together the best synergies between cards, relics, and abilities, and take on the Roguebook.”

Sounds exciting, right? 

Roguebook Gameplay

What’s a good game without a good set of heroes and characters for players?

When playing Roguebook, you can choose two heroes to start a game from the 6 of which are made available. Each hero has a collection of over 50 cards, a personal relic, and a unique skill tree.

The hero you chose at the front protects the hero at the back. While playing, you may switch the positions of your heroes and combine their strengths to unleash powerful combos. When strategizing, skilfully anticipate and queue up your actions to defeat over 40 bosses and enemies.

Moving forwards, you can build your deck as you play because there are over 200 cards to assemble as the game continues. For sure, you will not play with the same card twice. If you upgrade your cards with 30 unique gems, you can collect 80 relics with extraordinary effects, meaning the more cards, the more powerful you can be. 

Moreover, the Book you have changed every time you open it. The setting changes based on the map, alongside the mysteries and dangers, changes depending on the world you are in. The Roguebook’s pages are composed of hexagonal tiles, so you can use magic inks that reveal different patterns to fully explore each page of the book.

According to a report, it takes about 20 hours of fun on average to beat the game and hundreds of hours to unlock each Book. Remember that you just have to love what you’re playing when you play. Pace will be on your own, so collect those pages and use them to buy upgrades. 

Roguebook Release Date for Playstation, Xbox, and Switch 2022

Since Roguebook is hybrid, it has been made available for Playstation, Xbox, and Switches too, and it’s coming sooner than we expected. 

Roguebook Release Date 2022

Although we do not have the exact date yet, we are sure it will already be available this 2022. You may check out the game’s PC version while waiting for its release on Playstation, Xbox, and Switch.

Roguebook Trailer for Playstation, Xbox, and Switch 2022

Together with the announcement that Roguebook will be available to play on Playstation, Xbox, and Switch, they also released a trailer with it.

Check out the trailer to see what to expect!

YouTube video

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