Scott Mcgillivray Net Worth 2022: The Outstanding Real Estate Superstar

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Scott Mcgillivray Net Worth: Scott McGillivray is a Canadian entrepreneur, investor, television broadcaster, author, and educator. He is the host and executive producer of the house remodeling shows Income Property on HGTV Canada and DIY Network (Canada), as well as HGTV and DIY Network in the United States. 

He co-judged HGTV’s All American Handyman with Mike Holmes and Canada’s Handyman Challenge with Mike Holmes, Bryan Baeumler, and Paul Lafrance.

Let’s dig deeper into Scott Mcgillivray net worth, life, and career.

Background of Scott McGillivray

Scott Mcgillivray Net Worth

Scott McGillivray was born on April 7, 1978, in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada (age 44). He studied commerce at the University of Guelph and graduated with honors in 2001. 

What began as a student project about income properties grew into a company model that he would eventually put into action himself. He purchased and remodeled his first rental home at the age of 21, using student loans, and by the age of 23, he had five rental properties. 

He became a licensed contractor in 2004 and began supervising his own team. He currently owns hundreds of rental properties throughout Canada and the United States.

Since 2008, McGillivray has hosted HGTV in the United States and Canada, appearing in over 400 episodes. He is best known for the HGTV shows Income Property, Moving the McGillivrays, and Buyers Bootcamp. Scott’s House Call, a web series that was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award, is presently in pre-production for its fourth season.

Scott McGillivray was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and earned a degree in Marketing Management from the University of Guelph. He began learning carpentry shortly after graduating and was initially featured on the show “From the Ground Up with Debbie Travis.”

Are you ready to know how much is Scott McGillivray net worth? Read more to find out Scott McGillivray net worth as of 2022.

How did he start his career?

McGillivray is the president and CEO of McGillivray Group and McGillivray Entertainment. He is also one of the creators of Keyspire, a company that educates people on how to invest in real estate, and he owns properties around North America.

McGillivray established Income House on HGTV Canada, a show in which he aids homeowners in turning a section of their property into a money-maker to help with mortgage payments. 

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He gives the homeowners numerous renovation options for converting their property into a lawful rental unit in each episode. The audience observes both the refurbishment and the final reveal. 

Scott Mcgillivray Net Worth

The show premiered in 2009, and the 100th episode aired in 2013. In 2013, Income Property switched from a half-hour to an hour format. In 2014, it was shortened to a half-hour show.

McGillivray makes a half-hour appearance to help homeowners with their existing properties, upgrading them for a profitable rental units. In the full-hour format, he helps customers buy and renovate houses, including building a profitable rental unit. 

In addition to typical non-themed seasons, there have been other theme seasons, and the full-hour show, like others, can be regarded as a themed season that concentrates on distinct sorts of rental properties.

Thus, Scott Mcgillivray net worth is an amassable amount.

As of 2013, it was broadcast in 33 countries. In “Moving the McGillivrays,” McGillivray and his wife and daughters buy and refurbish a property to make it their permanent residence on HGTV Canada. They decide to build their ideal home on a fixer-upper that they demolished owing to renovation costs.

On Buyers Bootcamp, instead of supporting buyers in purchasing new homes and transforming them into income properties (like in the full-hour edition of Income Property), McGillivray supports buyers in renovating and flipping houses.

In a 2016 pilot for HGTV Canada, he aided owners in picking a property to buy and renovate before flipping for a profit. He joins the HGTV (USA) series as a partner to assist in the repair and flipping of investment properties. One season was broadcast in 2018.

He is currently the host of the famous home and garden television show “Income Property.” The fourth season of the show supports one family per episode by building and installing a rental unit on their home, helping them to better manage their mortgage payments. 

He also co-hosts the show “All American Handyman” and judges the Canadian home repair competition series “Canada’s Handyman Challenge.” He and his wife currently live in Brampton, Ontario, and they welcomed their first child in January 2012. As of this writing, they have two children.

Now that we’ve covered his outstanding career, let’s take a look at Scott Mcgillivray net worth. Continue reading to uncover everything we know about Scott Mcgillivray net worth and how much he earns.

Scott Mcgillivray Net Worth

Scott Mcgillivray Net Worth

How much is Scott McGillivray net worth? Scott McGillivray net worth is predicted to be about $4 million in 2022. His primary sources of revenue are his exhibits and private companies. 

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To teach people about real estate investing, he started his own live speaking event called “Creating Wealth Through Real Estate” in 2009. This event was called The Wealth Tour in 2015.

His real estate career and hosting has been a huge help in growing both Scott Mcgillivray and his career.

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