Selling Sunset Season 5: Potential Release Date, Cast & Plot

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When is Selling Sunset Season 5 coming?

It was confirmed in November 2021 that the show is renewed for another season, but we have yet to know when exactly. In a sneak peek shared after the finale of Season 4, it was teased that everyone will be talking about Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim’s surprising romance. 

Ready for the next episodes of more romance? HEre’s everything we know so far. Keep reading! 

What is Selling Sunset All About? 

Selling Sunset Season 5

Selling Sunset is an American reality television series created by Adam DiVello for the streaming platform Netflix.

The series revolves around the Oppenheim Group, a high-end real estate brokerage firm in Los Angeles. It follows a group of agents navigating their personal and professional lives.

Selling Sunset Season One premiered with eight episodes on March 21, 2019, and returned for another season on May 22, 2020. The third season wen ton air on March 11, 2021, and Selling Sunset Season 4, 2021. 

Fans have been anticipating the fifth season since the finale, and it’s finally coming soon!

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Selling Sunset Season 5: Potential Release Date  

The fifth season of Selling Sunset was confirmed by Netflix back in March 2021 and said that production is already ongoing. 

However, up until now, we have yet to hear from them on when the official release date of Selling Sunset is. But we are guessing, based on the timeline of the last few seasons, we might be able to see Selling Sunset Season 5 on our screen by the summer of this year. 

Make sure you have your Netflix subLet’s keep our fingers crossed! 

Selling Sunset Season 5: Expected Plot 

At the end of Season Four, a teaser appeared, which gave the viewers a glimpse at some of the things we can expect from season five.

Moreover, Mary Fitzgerald had hinted to us what might happen on Selling Sunset and shared her insights mentioning details about her former best friend. 

Mary mentioned first and foremost that the show has more drama in store for its viewers. She explained that Selling Sunset Season 5 will clarify the most notorious member of the group, Christine.

Fitzgerald also emphasized the content surrounding Christine and promised that the next chapter of Selling Sunset has much more to offer. She assured me that not only will drama be served but that many perfect things are going to happen at the Oppenheim Group.

You can always watch seasons one, two, three, and four on Netflix if you want to have a recap. They also released a spin-off series called Selling Tampa, which is also available on the streaming platform.

Selling Sunset Season 5: Cast 

Selling Sunset Season 5

It is possible that the cast of Selling Sunset Season 5 won’t be any different from the first four seasons. 

We are most likely to see Mary Fitzgerald, Christelle Stause, Christine Quinn, Vanessa Villela, Emma Hernan, Amanza Smith, Heather Young, Davina Potratz, and Maya Vander back on screen for the fifth installment. 

Although we might see less of Jason Oppenheim as he is starting a new office in Orange County, we’d imagine he and Brett will still appear, among others, including partners. 

Selling Sunset Season 5: Official Trailer 

Unfortunately, Netflix has not yet released the official trailer for Selling Sunset Season 5. 

But as soon as Netflix releases it, you’ll see it here. Keep updated and posted for more information. 

In the meantime, binge-watch the last four seasons, and let’s see when we’ll have Selling Sunset Season 5 back on our screen.

Are you excited? Us too! Worry not because we won’t have to wait that long. 

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