Selling The OC: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and More Updates!

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The new series Selling the OC, a spinoff of Selling Sunset, is coming to Netflix this August. Jason and Brett Oppenheim, twin brothers, are at the forefront of the show as they open a real estate office in California. This series will focus on real estate mogul Jason Oppenheim and what goes on behind the scenes of his elite firm, The Oppenheim Group’s Newport Beach branch.

As the show’s official trailer arrived on August 10, we’re anticipating a lot of drama as the series’ newest recruits begin to make waves in Orange County. The producers of the binge-able program announced in late 2021 that viewers would be given two spinoff programs as part of the franchise — Selling Tampa and Selling Orange County.

Selling The Oc

Selling the OC release date.

According to Netflix, the first season of Selling the OC will be available on Wednesday, August 24, 2022. The series’ August debut date was exactly as expected since there had been rumors that it would premiere in June or September.

Selling the OC plot.

The next exhibit, Selling the OC, will feature the personal and professional journeys of Orange County real estate mavens who have sold high-end properties. Meanwhile, fans may anticipate a new office setting filled with endless possibilities and a shift in scenery. The series is expected to be rife with drama as the agents try to market premium real estate to wealthy clients.

The Oppenheim Group is expanding by location and cast with three different Alexandras in the upcoming spinoff of Selling Sunset. If you’re a fan of Sunset, then you know it’s famous for its female empowerment vibes and reactions from Men trying to avoid getting caught up in the conflicts between women. But this time, there’s going to be a change. With new shows comes new dynamics, including an equal representation of both men and women.

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Selling the OC cast.

Selling The Oc

Brett and Jason Oppenheim, who will appear in the new series, and some fresh faces like real estate agents Alex Hall, Alexandra Jarvis, Alexandra Rose, Austin Victoria, Brandi Marshall, etc., are expected to be seen on screen this time. Do you remember Heather Rae Young from Selling Sunset? Even though Heather Rae Young is listed on The Oppenheim Group’s Newport Beach office website, she won’t be appearing in Selling the OC.

Can you figure out how many well-dressed, business-savvy Southern Californians it takes to sell a luxury property listed by one of The Oppenheim Group’s professional agents? It will be interesting to observe. This season will be released in eight parts over eight episodes of 30 minutes each. The new spinoff from the Oppenheim Group promises more beach-side content than its predecessors. I hope you haven’t missed the trailer!

Selling the OC Trailer.

Watch as an all-new real estate team with stunning oceanfront properties and prominent personalities make waves. The production crew of ‘Selling Sunset’ and ‘Selling Tampa,’ just released on Netflix, is ready to bring luxury and drama to a hot new market. We anticipate the show’s renewal to emerge immediately after Season 1 is released with eight amazing episodes since Netflix has dubbed the trailer Season 1 Trailer.


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