Sifu Gameplay Review: A First Look on Latest Kung Fu Game

Charles kenny
Charles kenny
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Sifu is a third-person action game that features intense hand-to-hand combat, where the players are in control of a young Kung-Fu student on his path of revenge throughout the city.

The game Sifu was released on PlayStation consoles and PC to deliver a suitable challenge for hardcore gamers.

Ready to take on the challenge? Keep reading to know more.

Sifu Gameplay Features 

Sifu Gameplay Review: A First Look On Latest Kung Fu Game

One thing is for sure. The game is a brawler.

Sifu’s Story 

The storyline follows the life of a Kung Fu student hunting down the murderers of their family, with their only aid being a unique pendant that allows them to resurrect after being taken out. 

The student, however, age every time they get back up. This is both a gift and a curse, as aging offers more experience and more significant damage but decreases their health.

The whole game takes place over one day, and it’s eerie to think the student can age over 50 years — from 20 to over 70 — in that space of time.

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Game Features 

During the game’s duration, players progress through linear stages and take on entire gangs of people at once. Players have the typical light, heavy, block, and counterattack moves and can also use the environment to their advantage in several ways.

In most roguelike games, you die early and often, with death resetting your progress and reviving slain enemies. In this game, you will also die early and often, but with each end, you have the option to restore right where you fell. No enemy resets. 

Each time the player resurrects, you get older, and after a certain number of restores, the health decreases while your strength increases.

The character can vault over tables to get out of tight spots, push opponents down staircases, or hurl them out of windows for instant kills. Looks fun?

At the end of each combat gauntlet, players will then get to challenge one of your teacher’s killers to a grueling duel. 

What to Expect in Sifu 

Sifu is a playable martial arts flick. In the game, you are tasked with eliminating five martial arts masters who murdered your father a training montage-appropriate number of years before.

As soon as you start playing Sifu, you will be greeted with stylish visuals that will throw you into satisfying Kung Fu action.

When playing, you will feel that you’re taking control of a martial arts master out for revenge. Cool, right? In the game’s theme of mastery, the developers have honed the characters’ skills. 

Release Date of Sifu Gameplay

Sifu Gameplay Review

The game was already released last February 8, 2022, and the players were stoked. 

Many gamers have been raving about the game’s features and challenges.

One YouTuber has already posted his very own speedrun attempt. Although he did not finish the game, he knew how to run by it already.

A Quick Review of Sifu 

While trying out the game, Sifu made me feel like Robert Downey Jr. in Sherlock Holmes. Yeah, that’s how it felt.

Many players also say that there’s a moment when the player is about to get into a fight with a larger, stronger enemy, and he mentally runs through a checklist of everything he has to do to prevail. Sound familiar? 

Sifu isn’t a graphically demanding game, but still, the graphics match the tone of the theme.

Final Thoughts 

The game was specifically made for those who are hyped on kung fu skills and mastery, and I can say it will meet your expectations. 

With the thrilling Kung Fu combat, players will get a sense of mastery in gaming and hone some skills that will be useful in playing.

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