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That 90S Show

That 90s Show: That 70s Show’s Red and Kitty Forman are back for an exciting new season, which will be available exclusively on Netflix. Carsey-Werner is currently in Los Angeles, filming a new 30-minute comedy series. 

We’ve updated our guide to everything you need to know about Netflix’s comedy.

Read more to know everything there is to know about That 90s Show.

What’s the show about?

That 90S Show

The new show, which premieres in October 2021, transports us to the mid-1990s when all of the kids from That 70s Show had grown up and left Wisconsin.

The new series is set in 1995 and follows Eric and Donna’s daughter during her summer vacation with her grandparents. She quickly makes new friends in Point Place, WI (more on who these friends are below).

Bonnie and Terry Turner, co-creators of the original series, will return as showrunners. Lindsey Turner, their daughter, and Gregg Mettler, who worked on the original show, will also be involved in the writing process.

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The Formans will be the focus of the show, which will take place in the summer of 1995, while Eric’s daughter Leia is visiting her grandparents in Wisconsin. Leia will meet and bond with Point Place’s newest generation, with plenty of quips from Kitty and Red along the way.

Continue reading; exciting details about That 90s Show are below.

Who is in the cast?

Kurtwood Smith, reprising his role as Reginald “Red” Forman, and Debra Jo Rupp, reprising her role as Kitty Forman, is the show’s mainstays.

Both of these characters will appear at various points throughout the series.

Because we’ll be seeing Eric and Donna’s daughter in the series, we can also expect to see Laura Prepon and Topher Grace return, though they’ll only appear briefly in season 1.

Let’s take a look at the new characters announced in early February for That 90s Show, as well as the cast members who were confirmed to play them a few days later.

Jay is pictured at the top left (Mace Coronel) Jay, a true romantic is an aspiring film director who is always carrying a camera with him. Coronel was most recently seen as Jake in Netflix’s Colin in Black and White.

That 90S Show

Callie Haverda plays Leia Forman, the book-smart and coltish daughter of Eric (Topher Grace’s character from That 70’s Show) and Donna (Laura Prepon’s character from That 70’s Show). Haverda is best known for his contributions to the film “The Lost Husband.”

Ashley Aufderheide, who plays Gwen, is a petite and edgy powerhouse who dresses in pink hair and ripped jeans. Going in Style, Aufderheide’s most well-known album, was released in 2017.

Ozzie, played by Reyn Doi, is Gwen’s best friend who is openly gay and does not hide it. Also described as incredibly truthful. Doi’s most recent appearance was in Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar.

Nate, played by Maxwell Acee Donovan, is Gwen’s older brother who is described as a corn-fed Midwestern who drives a beat-up old Dodge minivan.

Samantha Morelos stars as Nikki (previously known as Nisha) (pictured bottom right) This female character comes from a family of high achievers, and while she’s bright and always willing to help, she also has a rebellious streak. Nate is another guy she’s interested in.

Now, it’s time to know That 90s Show release date.

That 90S Show

That 90s Show Release date and Netflix debut

That 90s Show filmed in early 2022, according to production listings obtained by What’s on Netflix.

Unless you’re rewatching That ’70s Show, you might have to wait a while before Kelso says “Burn!” again. Unfortunately, as of publication, there is no official release date because Netflix only greenlit That 90s Show for a 10-episode run on Oct. 8.

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The production and filming stages, however, are expected to take at least a year, so That 90s Show could premiere in the fall of 2022. Let’s hope it doesn’t take any longer, because it would be the perfect fall comedy premiere.

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