The Chromosome 21 Ending Explained; What You Need to Know

Narinder kumar
Narinder kumar
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A new Chilean Netflix series is called Chromosome 21. In other words, it’s a crime-thriller production that is in Spanish. The first episode of the series opens with the police being dispatched to a murder scene.

A young man with Down syndrome is discovered there. They take him into custody because he is the only person present and has blood on him. The term derives from Chromosome 21, which is extra in people with Down syndrome.

A particularly unusual premise for a murder investigation. Tomás (Sebastián Solorza), a young guy with Down syndrome, is discovered covered in blood at the crime site when the series opens.

When the cops approach him and tell him to put his hands up, he also clutches onto a metal rod. But don’t worry; once they learn that he has Down syndrome, the arrest goes pretty well. He is also very compliant.

It’s more challenging to get him to speak, though. Not because he can’t, but because the first of many issues must be answered is if PTSD or something else is preventing him from telling what occurred.

The judge becomes uneasy and requests a statement from the suspect, Tomás (or Tommy, as he goes by). Mariana Enriquez, the principal homicide detective, attends a theatre troupe called “Down UP ” early on, and all players have Down syndrome.

Valentina Muhr plays Mariana. She is quickly reminded by the instructor, Sofa (Claudia Di Girólamo), that persons with Down syndrome have distinctive personalities.

Exactly like everyone else. She learns positive and terrible things about Tommy after she starts chatting with the other performers in the group. as expected when enquiring about someone. But there is nothing that shouts “murderer” or suggests any culpability.

Explaining the ending of Chromosome 21: was it a dramatic story?

The Chromosome 21 Ending Explained; What You Need To Know

The last Chromosome 21 episode explains how events on the night of the murder were reconstructed. While Beckham waits to arrive, Orlando accompanies Tommy to the plant. Beckham shows up with the loot.

In addition, Zavala is there (unlike Kowalski, who isn’t, despite what Tommy muddled claims during the police reconstruction). When Orlando starts hitting Beckham and appears ready to murder him, Beckham leaves the riches and begs Tommy to come back. Tommy kills Orlando by grabbing the pistol off the ground just in time.

Beckham attempts to chase after Zavala, but Tommy struggles to move freely. Beckham departs before the police show up, and Tommy is discovered at the workshop by the police.

The events are challenging to find for a variety of reasons, including Tommy being reluctant to speak at first because he fears Zavala, who has threatened to kill both Tommy and his brother Beckham if he tells the authorities the truth.

Additionally, Mariana, the chief investigator colleague’s Durán, who is a corrupt cop and works for Zavala, falsified the evidence filed for the case. Mariana only succeeds in proving Durán’s corruption at the very end.

Chromosome 21 ends with a public defence explaining what happened throughout the trial. Durán killed Beckham to keep Zavala safe.

Fortunately, Tommy feels secure now and speaks the truth, corroborating Mariana’s evidence that detailed what happened and how the presence of corrupted elements compromised the inquiry.

In this manner, the judge may rule that Tommy had every right to be terrified (Zavala’s hands had reached into the police), that he acted in self-defence, and that he lied out of fear. Therefore, he cannot be held legally responsible for the crime.

The corrupt police officers are detained, and Zavala is sentenced to jail in Chromosome 21. Tommy won’t spend time in prison, but he will get particular therapy to help him comprehend the severe crimes.

We frequently see Mariana and Tommy with her daughter Amanda, indicating their connection with her daughter is improving. Mariana is a reputable investigator and appears to look out for Tommy.

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