The Day Before Release Date, Trailer and New Updates 2022!

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The Day Before: The Day Before is a game developed by Fantastic and published by MyTona. It is an upcoming open-world massively multiplayer survival game that’s turned heads.

Many gamers have been waiting for its release and are already calling it a mix of the game The Last of Us and The Division. The game’s visuals are already setting the bar high, and we’re up for it too!

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The Day Before Release Date 

The release of The Day Before came as a surprise for industry watchers.

The Day Before Release Date 2022

The Day Before looks impressive to the fans, and people are already taking note. This is why fans have wanted to know when the game will be released ever since its official announcement.

Worry not. We do not have to wait long enough! 

Fntastic announced on Jan. 27, 2021, that they would be releasing The Day Before. Right now, they are nearing the end of production. The game’s development is looking good, and we are fortunate that the long wait is over.

On Steam, the status of the game was changed from Coming Soon to June 21, 2022. This means we only have a few months left to wait! Are you excited?

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What is the Game The Day Before About?

According to the game’s creators, The Day Before is “set in a deadly, post-pandemic America overrun by flesh-hungry infected and survivors killing each other for food, weapons, and cars.”

The Day Before Release Date 2022

Moreover, once it has been released, it will be available exclusively for PC, and you can, for those waiting for the game, add it to your Steam wishlist. Still, according to the creators, PS5 and Xbox users should also be optimistic because they are already looking into next-gen systems, and we have to wait for another announcement. Sounds great! 

The Day Before Gameplay 

According to the official game description, “you wake up alone in a world you don’t recall, seeking answers and the supplies you need to survive.”

When playing The Day Before, you’ll have to battle with infected and other gamers as you scavenge automobiles, residences, and even buildings. The plot may sound familiar to The Walking Dead, with Rick Grimes as the main character waking up in a zombie-infested world. 

The Day Before Release Date 2022

Moreover, you can expect the game to feature realistic weapons and the exploration of beautiful yet dangerous places. The game players will meet survivors who are attempting to restore the world to its former grandeur in addition to gunplay while communicating with other survivors and selling their loot in a survivor colony.

According to the developers of the game, for you to be able to survive the game, you will have to keep track of three different on-screen gauges: temperature, energy, and dehydration. These gauges are affected by various circumstances, including the in-game actions you take, the food and liquids you ingest, and the weather.

The Day Before Trailer 

The creators have already released their official trailer if you want to check out the gameplay trailer. Although the experience will be very different when playing the game, you can only expect to see what you might encounter during the game.

Check it out below!

YouTube video

As you can see, one player is seen fighting against others in the announcement clip and is saving an office while staying away from the infected. He walks around the city with excellent lighting, weather effects, and a great deal of detail. 

See for yourself this coming June, so set your alarms already or add the game to your Steam Wishlist. 

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