The Easiest Way on How to Get Google Play Store on Windows – Running Android Apps on Windows is now a Reality!

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Charles kenny
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How to Get Google Play Store on Windows: Yes, it is possible to run Android apps on your Windows. Google Play Store has a vast range of apps starting from messaging, gaming, and shopping which only means you would need all these apps even if you are using Windows. 

Want to install the Google Play Store on Windows? Your latest Windows 11 supports Android apps, so luckily, you can have them downloaded over.

So the real question is, How to Get Google Play Store on Windows? Here’s everything you need to know on How to Get Google Play Store on Windows.

Google Play and Windows – A Quick Rundown 

Google Play is one of the most known websites and apps that give users access to downloading applications and purchasing them and books, games, movies, music, and other possible content from Google on all Android devices. 

How To Get Google Play Store On Windows

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It is the official app store for Android, and it allows anyone to install content for free, again, depending on what you want to download. It is easy to use, even if you need to purchase something; add your debit card, credit card, or Paypal, and you are good to go. 

Everyone can easily access this if they have their Android smartphone or tablet just by opening their Play Store icon. 

On the other hand, Microsoft Windows is a graphical operating system developed and published by the company Microsoft respectively. It is a way to provide for storing, running software, playing games and videos, and connecting to the internet. 

Way back, Windows was only possible for access through computers and laptops, but now it can also be accessed on some Microsoft phones available in the market, just like how Android and Apple are. 

But, How to Get Google Play Store on Windows? 

An Easy Guide on How to Get Google Play Store on Windows 

Now, on how to get google play store on windows, you first must have windows 11 running. Microsoft just recently introduced the ability of Windows 11’s capability to run Android apps, and a lot of techies are in for it.

You know that the Google Play store has a vast range of apps starting from messaging, gaming, shopping, and delivery, all used for day-to-day needs. Which is why bringing Android apps available for Windows is arguably the most exciting announcement. 

How To Get Google Play Store On Windows

For you to be able to install Google Play on Windows 11, make sure you have these pre-requisites: 

  • You should have an Amazon App Store installed on your system; you can get that from the Microsoft Store. 
  • Your PC should meet the Windows 11 requirement. 
  • Microsoft Store should be updated. 

If you check on all these, let’s proceed on How to Get Google Play Store on Windows. 

  1. To download Google Play Store on Windows 11, you will need a tool called PowerShell Windows Toolbox. 
  2. Now to download Google Play Store, visit the Github page. 
  3. Scroll down to the How to Use section and then copy the code under the Easy Start Command option. 
  4. Now, run the Windows PowerShell on your PC as an Administrator.  
  5. Paste the earlier copied code in the Powershell then click Enter. 
  6. Wait for a few seconds and click on the Install Google Play Store for Windows 11 option on the bottom of the page.
  7. You willget a link thath you can copy-paste into your browser and then download a ZIP file. Once done, you can enter the file in PowerShell. 
  8. If you finish all these steps, you will be able to see and find the Google Play Store in the Start Menu together with your other apps. Viola! How To Get Google Play Store On Windows

Do you find How to Get Google Play Store on Windows? I hope it helps! Stay updated for more. 

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