The Glory Part 2 | Is Coming Soon than Expected.

Narinder kumar
Narinder kumar
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The Glory Part 2 is all set to be released next month in March 2023, and here are the latest updates of the series you must know.

Lee Do-hyunLim Ji-YeonSong Hye-KyoYeom Hye-ranPark Sung-hoon, and Jung Sung-ill are among the cast members of the K-drama The Glory, which was written by Kim Eun-sook and directed by An Gil-ho.

The show depicts “a woman who lives for utter retribution against the childhood bullies who destroyed her life,” according to the Netflix logline.

The Glory’s Part 1 appeared last year, leaving spectators to wonder when Part 2 will be released. As stated by Netflix, part two will undoubtedly arrive on March 10, 2023.

Who will appear in The Glory Part 2?

The Glory Part 2 | Is Coming Soon Than Expected.

The same cast of characters, played by the same actors, are participating since their story is yet unfinished.

Consequently, this means:

Song Hye-kyo (Dong-eun)
Lim Ji-yeon (Yeon-jin)
Kim Hieora (Sa-ra)
Jung Sung-il (Do-yeong)
Cha Joo-young (Hye-jeong)
Lee Do-hyun (Jo Yeo-jeong)
Park Sung-hoon (Jeon Jae-jun)

We riot if Yeom Hye-Kang ran’s Hyeon name isn’t available anymore. The former victim of domestic abuse who turned stealth investigator is one of our all-time favourite characters, and she has to be protected by all means.

She will eat stew and eggs with her daughter once more! We don’t know who killed Myeong-oh, the thug and dealer who functioned as Kim Gun-sidekick, but it doesn’t mean he won’t resurface in flashback sequences.

When can you watch The Glory Part 2?

On March 10, Netflix will broadcast The Glory Part 2. The first eight episodes are already streaming on Netflix, and the director is optimistic about the show’s global success.

The Glory season 2 plot: What will happen in Part 2 of The Glory?

The strategy of Dong-eun will succeed, but certainly only with a few bumps along the road and, perhaps, some reflection on the existential cost of retaliation.

From the beginning, we know that Dong-eun aims to make life on Earth miserable for her bullies and that the plot appears to entail turning the gang against one another, thanks to a intricate chain of flashbacks.

But, unfortunately, death is too simple; the vengeful angel wants them to endure similar suffering to hers.

Myeong-oh is the first person Dong-eun turns against; she persuades him to steal DNA samples to establish Jae-innocence jun and disprove Do-young as the biological father of Yeon-daughter jins.

However, it appears that Dong-eun did not kill Myeong-oh. Thus we must ascertain who did it before the closing credits.

Cabin staff Next came to Hye-Jeong, who consented to help Dong-eun in exchange for being spared from her retaliation. Do you anticipate her solitude? Not us. Even though Hye-Jeong was in some ways just as much of a victim of Yeon-jin as Dong-eun was, Dong-eun is not the kind of person to forgive.

Yeon-jin and Jae-jun, the two ultimate worst, have not yet seen the full brunt of Dong-fury sun. Still, when it does, we anticipate it will come in the shape of Ye-sol, their daughter, who is both the ideal target for them and astonishingly lovely and sweet for the daughter of two outright sadists.


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