The Hustler Season 3: Is the show Renewed or Cancelled?

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Is The Hustler Season 3 happening?

ABC’s Hustler has aired two successful seasons, and fans have been curious if we will get to see another installment on scree. Find out the details here. 

All About The Hustler

The Hustler is an American television show that premiered its first season on ABC on January 4, 2021, and its second season on June 2021, hosted by Craig Ferguson. The first season released eight episodes, while the second had 11 episodes. 

The Hustler Season 3 Renewed Or Cancelled?

All3Media-backed production company Studio Lambert produces the game show, and the show is an original format created by Richard Bacon.

The show follows five contestants who collaborate to build up a cash prize by answering a series of trivia questions. Among the five contestants, one is secretly designated as the Hustler beforehand and answers all the questions. 

By the end of the game, two honest contestants will be eliminated, and the two contestants left must correctly choose the Hustler to stop them from winning the game. 

How does the Hustler Game work? – Gameplay Mechanics 

As mentioned, it involves five contestants who will play for a certain cash prize.

The game consists of 10 questions, each with four multiple-choice options. The questions are based on the Hustler’s personal life and interest and hints about who the Hustler is revealed every turn or the ‘mark.’

In every mark, the team conducts background research to ascertain any challenges they may be facing and any weaknesses they may have with them. 

The team is given 60 seconds to decide their answers. The nine questions, when answered correctly, add $10,000 to the bank each. The last question doubles the entire total for a correct answer or cuts it in half for a wrong answer. 

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It might seem a little complicated, but if you look at the game and watch it for yourself, you might be able to understand more. 

The Hustler Season 2 Recap 

In June 2021, the second season of the game show was aired as the first season had good ratings, and plenty of fans anticipated another season. 

Season 2 gave us an all-star premiere with clues featuring Lady Gaga and The Sopranos.

The series even continued to make fans support them as the season went on, bringing in 5 new contestants each week to try and one-up the other to win that coveted prize. 

According to reports, the Hustler Season 2 got a 0.29 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 1.74 million live+same day viewers. The data shows a decline in the demo, but still, a lot has been supporting the show and is waiting for The Hustler Season 3. 

The Hustler Season 3: Will it be renewed or canceled? 

The Hustler Season 3 Renewed Or Canceled?

Fans have been waiting for the official announcement of ABC’s The Hustler Season 3 Release date, but unfortunately, it has not been announced for renewal yet. 

Although the show had massive viewer support and was a success, ABC has not yet decided whether they will be renewing the show for another season. 

Still, it does not mean that the show is canceled either. In the meantime, we have to wait for further announcements.  

Here’s a hint of hanging on to! 

Twitter user @MidnightR41N posted on his account just this January 17, writing: “I just applied to be on @ABCNetwork @TheHustlerABC wish me luck .. or not. That’s cool too. #thehustler #abc #tvshow.”

The Hustler Season 3: Trailer 

Then again, the Hustler Season 3 is not yet confirmed, so there is no available trailer yet for the show. 

Instead, take a look at the first season’s official trailer to give you a recap on how the game works.

YouTube video

Stay posted for updates on The Hustler Season 3. 

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