The Interest of Love Season 1 Review; A Realistic Exploration of Love and Relationships!

Narinder kumar
Narinder kumar
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The Interest of Love Season 1 explores the complexities of relationships and love through the eyes of its main characters. Follow Sang-su, Su-yeong, Mi-gyeong & Mr. Jeong as they navigate love, social standing, and personal emotions.

This realistic & mature drama provides a multifaceted view of love & its various manifestations while examining universal societal themes—a well-written series, but with a slow pace and unsatisfying ending.

The Interest of Love Season 1 Story

It just so happens that Sang-su and Su-yeong share a workplace. Others at work don’t take Su-yeong seriously because she’s from a poor background and didn’t go to university. She is always willing to lend a hand, yet nobody she knows likes her very much.

The Interest Of Love Season 1 Review; A Realistic Exploration Of Love And Relationships!

Su-yeong, in contrast to Sang-su, has trouble fitting in with the women workers, and the men who are attracted to her because of her attractiveness end up resenting her when she is rejected.

Sang-su is interested in dating her, but after he hesitates for a second, Su-yeong realizes that he is not severe. The bank’s security guard, Mr Jeong, becomes romantically involved with Su-yeong. At the same time, Sang-su begins dating Mi-gyeong, an assistant manager who attended the same university and is from a wealthy family.

However, things get more problematic for the two pairs of people when factors like social standing, history, and individual emotions get in the way of total commitment and the development of romantic impulses.

The Interest in Love Season 1 Review

A reliable performer, Yoo Yeon-Seok, lives up to his reputation in this series. He skillfully conveys Sang-reserved sun’s demeanour and repressed emotions. He is good at being mild-mannered but struggles when the script calls for him to show anger.

As Su-yeong, Moon Ga-young faced a challenging performance. The many facets of Su-yeong’s personality make her difficult to understand. The performer nailed her performance because she fully grasped the nuances of her role.

Mi-gyeong, played by Keum Sae-rok, goes through a roller coaster of feelings throughout the performance but never breaks. Keum captured every conceivable emotion, whether rage, fear or a sunny mood.

When playing Mr Jeong, Jung Ga-ram convincingly shifts from pleasant to anxious and aggressive. Even though he isn’t the main character, he delivers when given the opportunity.

Unlike other love stories, this one isn’t focused on the initial stages of courtship but on the aftermath. This is a more grown-up, realistic dispute. This drama is grounded in reality: characters, place, and plot.

The show has no villain, not everyone is happy, the main character is just an average guy, and true love is depicted as two people making it through life together rather than something more fantastical.

The show doesn’t force viewers to settle for a single interpretation of romantic love. In all its manifestations, love is examined and shown to be multifaceted. The love between the film’s protagonists is unclassified, and the audience is left to decide how it should be portrayed.

The show highlights universal societal themes and the concept of love by considering where the characters stand in the world. Characters are not immune to the influences of their social status, family history, and other factors. They can’t eliminate these components no matter how hard they try.

There is a lot of symbolism in the show. It effectively employs it to help the audience comprehend the motivations of its characters, who are far from perfect and possess many facets.

The show is well-written, but it moves much more slowly than is necessary, making it difficult for viewers to enjoy each episode. The show’s ending drags on a bit too long, and the characters’ actions grow tediously familiar.

The show’s ending is probably its worst flaw. Even though the story didn’t end, it concluded with a fitting epilogue. The writers failed to resolve any dangling plot threads, and the characters’ messy exchanges left the audience in the dark.

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