The Last of Us Episode 5; Is Sam Dead? What Happens to Henry?

Narinder kumar
Narinder kumar
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The Last of Us Episode 5 was released on 11th February 2023. The Last of Us series on HBO is full of heartwarming moments, terrifying encounters, and a profound examination of how people behave when faced with impossible circumstances.

Nevertheless, “Endure and Survive,” the fifth episode, may have been the busiest. The Last of Us Episode 5, which examines the Kansas City revolution, demonstrates how ordinary people who had grown weary of enduring FEDRA’s brutal rule turned into their oppressors.

It also tells how former FEDRA collaborator Henry (Lamar Johnson) and his brother Sam (Keivonn Woodard) managed to flee the revolutionaries while waiting for the right moment to leave Kansas City.

And The series’ most brutal scene thus far happens when Henry teams up with Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) as they make their getaway.

Review of The Last of Us Episode 5

The Last Of Us Episode 5; Is Sam Dead? What Happens To Henry?

A particular favourite of mine in The Last of Us is the Henry and Sam plotline. The first shock of their deaths caps off a highly action-packed sequence of chapters and leaves a gloomy and bittersweet aftertaste.

It’s incredible how well the game depicts the ensuing quiet as winter approaches; similarly, the TV program captures this plot.

However, the little adjustments to Kathleen’s group are the worst aspect of this, mainly because we are aware from survival scenarios that a weak leader can ruin an entire group and spark a rebellion.

The Last of Us, Episode 5 Ending Explanation

The foursome didn’t anticipate that the zombies would rescue their lives. However, they are undoubtedly happy to enter another secure haven for a restful respite.

Joel invites Henry to travel with them as they make their way into Wyoming after they escape near death owing to their combined might. Whether or not he says it out loud, Joel has developed feelings for the two brothers.

Ellie and Sam want to preserve their delightful childhood in their room, away from the sad practicality of the adults.

Sam has been bitten. When a broken-hearted Ellie puts her blood, which she thinks is “medicine,” on Sam’s wound, we know it won’t help. In the hopes that Sam will awaken healed, they keep it to themselves and turn it in for the night.

Sam is lying on the bed with his back to Ellie as she awakens in the morning. When Ellie goes to check on Sam, Sam, now a ruthless zombie, attacks her, and the two leave their chamber.

Joel dives to stop Ellie from dismembered by Sam after becoming alerted by the commotion. He is arrested by Henry as he grabs his rifle. Henry shoots Sam in the head out of sheer impulse as he goes insane, attempting to understand the terrible reality of the situation.

He regains consciousness as soon as he notices the bloody floor spilling forth all over. Sam’s protection has always been the factor that has fundamentally guided his decisions.

Henry doesn’t even seem to be living his life when he kills his younger brother with his own hands. Joel can foresee what would happen when he sees him spaz out with the pistol.

However, Henry shoots himself and takes his own life before Joel can intervene. Henry felt no need to stay after Sam left since he would only endure unbearable suffering for all time. Joel and Ellie bury their pals who have passed away.

Ellie asks Joel to point to the west while speaking with a resentful melancholy in her voice. The magic slate Ellie has set on Sam’s grave may be seen by Joel when he looks down on it. “I’m sorry” is written on the slate.

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