The OA Season 3 New Updates : Renewed or Cancelled?

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Are we expecting The OA Season 3 back on Netflix?

Fans have been waiting for the sci-fi series starring Brit Marling to be back on screen, and they cannot wait forever. Here’s everything we know about The OA Season 3. 

What is Netflix’s The OA all about?

The Oa Season 3 Canceled

The OA is a collaboration of Netflix with Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij. It is a sci-fi series that first appeared in late 2016 for its first season and 2019 for the second installment. 

It was a big hit among the viewers as it was deemed the best show of 2019 among critics and Netflix’s best original series. 

Something is spellbinding about sci-fi dramas, which is why a lot of the viewers were hooked up with The OA’s storyline for the longest time. 

Ever since the finale of Season 2, fans have been waiting for the show’s renewal for another installment. Will we get one soon? More details to come!

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When is The OA Season 3 Release Date? 

Bad news, Netflix has officially canceled The OA. We will not see The OA Season 3 in the green light. It was announced in 2019 that the show is already been canceled after just two seasons. 

In a statement, Netflix head Cindy Holland said, “We are incredibly proud of the 16 mesmerizing chapters of The OA and are grateful to Brit and Zal for sharing their audacious vision and for realizing it through their incredible artistry… We look forward to working with them again in the future, in this and perhaps many other dimensions.”

It was also reported in late August of 2019 that the creators themselves had no plans to continue the series.

Viewers will still expectant that the show be taken by other networks aside from Netlfix; however, although the showrunners had considered The OA Season 3, they came up with a finalized idea that the conclusion of the two seasons are already enough. 

Although, we are still hoping to see the third installment in the making. Jason Isaacs had said in an interview, “I’m so invested in seeing it as a fan that I hope to god that people like the show as much as I do because we’d like to get a season three, four, and five.”

And of course, we all agree with him! Keeping our fingers crossed. 

What could we expect in The OA Season 3?

The Oa Season 3 New Updates : Renewed Or Cancelled?

If we get a third installment for The OA, a lot expect to see the storyline get stranger. 

Leaving where Season 2 left out, we are out to see more of the sci-fi side of the story. Many people have been wondering what happened and are asking for some answers!

In season 2, they entered the multiverse. It’s safe to say that Prairie would inevitably continue trying to put a stop to evil Dr. Hap while also traveling with him and Homer, as she learned that the three of them are a “cosmic family.” 

Many devoted fans are even having a hard time predicting what might happen in the next season. 

Hopefully, the showrunners hear the viewers and give them what they want, a season 3. 

Why was The OA Season 3 Canceled?

We do not know what happened since the show was pitched for five seasons at first, and it received a lot of love from the fans.

All we can hope for is that the showrunners change their mind and keep the show running again. 

Let’s keep our fingers crossed! For now, you can catch up on the first two seasons on Netflix and check out this trailer as well. 

YouTube video

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