Through My Window

Charles kenny
Charles kenny
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It all started with an incredible and seductive feeling when this adapted 2016 Wattpad novel written by Ariana Godoy shows these two neighbors, Raquel and Ares, started a flaming classical love story because of Wifi sharing. Raquel always has the time to look in her window inside the house because of Ares’ not so intimidating, bold, and dreamy look. 

Through My Window will catch fans who love this genre, which is set to premiere on Netflix on February 4, 2022.

But, one night will change until Raquel notices that Ares is trying to get a signal from her Wifi, and she forcibly intrigued Ares from what he is doing but surprisingly, Ares already knows what Raquel has been doing all this time behind the window. 

What is Through My Window all about?

One day, everything seems to change that these two neighbors, who were both strangers, are now seeing each other, letting them know the dark secrets they shared between the two of them. Would the flirting phase that turns out a burning flame be a reason for them to continue or stop their feelings and remain in the situation they are in? 

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Will the line coming from Ares that Raquel is not her type turn out to be a lie or a truth? Fascinatingly, Raquel allowed herself to take action and engage in stepping out of her comfort zone like the things she does not normally do. The remaining clips express how Raquel and Ares try to seduce each other whenever a small argument arises or make fun of both of them. Everybody will surely await how the story’s twist will go beyond love, lust, or something different they might explore and discover, which all started with a young woman fantasizing about her neighbor. Surely, Through My Window will captivate the fans of the original book from Wattpad as it depicts the sparks that Raquel was not aware of. She realizes that she only started gazing at this man but is now living the best of her life and spending the wholesome moment they are making. 

Through My Window Cast and Characters

Julio Peña – he’s portraying the role as Ares, who is the hot and bold character in the story in which her neighbor secretly admires him, but he already knows about it. 

Clara Galle – the one who’s been admiring Ares beside her bedroom near the window; however, this young man already knows the admiration she has. She portrays the role of Raquel. 

Eric Masip – portrays the role as Artemis

Hugo Arbues – portrays the role of Apolo.

Guillermo Lasheras – portrays the role of Yoshi.

Natalia Azahara – portrays the role of Daniela.

This is a story to watch out for. Fans are intrigued to know how Raquel and Ares will leave their thoughts about whether they have a relationship or are just friends with benefits. 

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