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Top 5 games to play in Metaverse: Metaverse has become more popular every year, and it has been growing several users in the business.

It has been booming, and a lot has been saying that it already holds the status as the technology of the future. No doubt a lot of people have been interested in what it offers.

More likely, you have already heard of Metaverse and some of its games. But do you know which are the Top 5 games to play in Metaverse, based on statistics? Find out here!

What is Metaverse?

Top 5 Games To Play In Metaverse

Metaverse might look complicated if you are new to the techno world, but if you want to look at the future, this is it! 

Now to get you started on what Metaverse is, it’s similar to cyberspace. Metaverse does not refer to any specific type of technology. It is broad, and we can see it shift from one thing to another – great how modern technology works. 

And yes, this is already possible. Usually, tech companies refer to Metaverse when they want to include virtual reality in the digital aspect. 

Do you still wonder if Metaverse is just an internet application, video game, or an idea? Remember that the Metaverse is a virtual universe with endless possibilities. It is the future of the internet, an umbrella term encompassing all virtual and reality technologies. 

That’s it; Metaverse is everything you can think of as long as it is possible in the techno world. 

Now, let’s focus on the Top 5 games to play in Metaverse. 

Top 5 games to play in Metaverse – People’s Choice 

Since Metaverse has been widely known worldwide, it has also become a hub for games, and many players love them. 

Although, we have to accept that there are still top 5 games to play in Metaverse, based on the people’s wants and choices. 

What are the Top 5 games to play in Metaverse? 

Axie Infinity 

It has been one of the most popular Metaverse games globally. And you might have probably heard of the Axie Infinity already if you are always on Social Media. Most likely, you also have a friend playing this. 

Top 5 Games To Play In Metaverse

The game is based on Pokemon, which allows a user to build a collection of Axie (or Pokemons). Axies then battle with other users, and from there, you can go on a treasure hunt. 

In this game, you can earn money through rewards in the form of NFTs when you win the battles you play. Now, NFTs are sold into cryptocurrencies which you can convert into cash. 


The second of the Top 5 Games to play in Metaverse is Sandbox. 

The game sandbox is the most critical game in Metaverse and is already taking necessary steps toward developing it into virtual reality. You can make things, buy things, and even make money through trading through this game. 

Again, it compensates you for the things you made in the form of NFT, which you can always convert into cryptocurrencies. 


Illuvium metaverse is an Ethereum-based metaverse project like Sandbox and Axie. 

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In an open world role-playing, the players can explore the game world or complete the quests and construct an army of Illuvias. These can then be used to battle against players, where you can get NFTs that can be traded with crypto.


Among the Top 5 games to play in Metaverse is Decentraland. 

This metaverse game allows the user to access his virtual land to create a virtual habit. The players can choose from a range of real estate that they can buy, and the land can be put up for rent. Now, these can be converted into crypto. 


Last but not least, making it into the Top 5 games to play in Metaverse is Zepeto. 

Top 5 Games To Play In Metaverse

Zapato launched years ago, and it has over 250 Million active users already. In this game, you can make your avatar that looks like you in reality. With the avatar, you can interact with other players worldwide and create virtual things. 

You can use the things you have in the game to sell and make them into Zems. You can always make Zems as many as you want and trade them for real money. 

Do you find the Metaverse game zone interesting now? Let us know!

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