Travelers Season 4: Is it Going to Be Cancelled?

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Will Travelers Season 4 happen? Let’s find out.

Brad Wright’s Travelers Season is a Canadian American Science Fiction Television Drama Series. The first two seasons were co-produced by Netflix and Showcase, while Netflix themselves solely produced the third one. 

We have yet to find out the details about the next season of Travelers. To do so, continue reading. 

What is the Travelers Series All About? 

Travelers Season 4 Canceled

Travelers is a science fiction television series created by Brad Wright, starring Eric McCormack, Mackenzie Porter, Jared Abrahamson, Nesta Cooper, Reilly Dolman, and Patrick Gilmore.

The premise of the series follows a post-apocalyptic future where thousands of special operatives are tasked with preventing the collapse of society.

These agents are also known as “travelers.” They have their consciousnesses sent back in time and transferred into the host body of present-day individuals who would otherwise be moments from death to minimize the unexpected impact on the timeline.

These agents had to work as part of a team to save the planet while they maintained living as the person they had entered, all at the same time. 

What are the Travelers required to do? 

According to the plot, the Travelers are required to behave according to certain protocols to protect the timeline:

  • The mission comes first.
  • Leave the future in the past.
  • Don’t take a life; don’t save a life unless otherwise directed.
  • Do not interfere.
  • Do not reproduce.
  • In the absence of direction, maintain your host’s life.
  • Do not communicate with other known travelers outside of your team unless sanctioned by the Director.

Curious? You can binge-watch the series on Netflix. 

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Who is part of the Travelers Series? 

Continuously from Season 1 to Season 3, actors came back to portray the same roles they had. 

Among the original casts are:

  • Patrick Gilmore will act as David Mailer
  • Eric McCormack being Grant MacLaren
  • Nesta Cooper being Carnnon
  • Jared Abrahamson as steam’s Holden
  • Reilly Dolman being Philip Pearson
  • MacKenzie Porter will act as Warton

Will the original cast be back for Travelers Season 4?

Hopefully, if Season 4 gets renewed (crossed fingers), the original cast will also be back to portray their characters. 

When is the Release Date of Travelers Season 4? 

Travelers Season 4: Is It Going To Be Cancelled?

The first series premiered in Canada on October 17, 2016, and internationally on December 23, 2016.

The second season was released the next year and was later followed by the third installment in 2018. From then on, the viewers have been waiting for the fourth season. 

Sadly, we are not getting another season. In 2019, star Eric McCormack tweeted a video where he announced Travelers was canceled.

The actor wrote on his Twitter, “A lot of you have been asking about the possibility of a season four. Who knows what the future holds, but Travelers Program 1, as we call it, is complete … Much love from 3468 in the 21st.”

I bet we can assume that Travelers is canceled and will not proceed with another season. 

Is there an Official Trailer for Travelers Season 4?

Since the show is not going to proceed with another season, there is no Official Trailer for the fourth season.

Instead, check out the Official Trailer for Travelers for a peek!

YouTube video

Why was Travelers Season 4 Canceled? 

Although the show was a hit among the viewers and fans, the producers and Netflix decided not to re-run the series for another Season.

Netflix has been silent ever since the release of Travelers Season 3. 

Fans have been hoping to get another season. However, some are already speculating that the show got canceled because it was made outside the in-house production team. 

No one knows what happened, but what’s a thrill without hurdles.

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