Uncover the Affections of Reality TV Star Wayne Brady: Is He Married?

Narinder kumar
Narinder kumar
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Comedian and actor Wayne Brady have had a thriving career for years. From his experience on the comedy show Whose Line Is It Anyway? to his voiceover work or even his hosting game shows, Wayne has always had his fans laughing, and he even won Season 2 of The Masked Singer.

Wayne has enjoyed a tonne of success over the years, but has that spilt over to his personal life? Wayne has been married more than once, but his love life has given him a beautiful daughter.

Is Wayne Brady Married?

Although Wayne may appear unattached presently, he is a twice-divorced man who was formerly married to the entertainer Diana Lasso from 1993 until 1995 and then subsequently tied the knot with actress Mandie Taketa in 1999 till their separation in 2008.

At least it appears that his bond with Mandie has not weakened. When asked about his whereabouts in April 2020, he said he was quarantining with Mandie, their daughter, and Mandie’s boyfriend, Jason.

Uncover The Affections Of Reality Tv Star Wayne Brady: Is He Married?

Unlike many other co-parenting couples, Wayne and his ex-wife Mandie “have a different and extraordinary relationship,” he told Yahoo.

He continued, “We’ve also only ever lived about seven minutes apart at the most.” “We are currently next-door neighbours. So, we have a slightly different approach to quarantining. We use each other’s homes as a quarantine area, and since I have a sizable backyard and a lot of land, we can divide it between our two properties.”

Does Wayne Have Kids?

Indeed, Wayne said that he and Mandie share parental responsibilities. Maile, his only daughter, is his only offspring with his partner. She’s just in her 20s, but she’s already established herself as a professional actor with roles in several hit TV shows.

According to her IMDb page, she had a role in The Bold and the Beautiful. Also, she has made guest appearances on series like The Talk, Hell’s Kitchen, and Entertainment Tonight.

Uncover The Affections Of Reality Tv Star Wayne Brady: Is He Married?

Maile composes and performs her songs. She released her debut single, “EXHALE”, in early 2021 via her YouTube page. The song’s lyrics discuss letting one’s guard down around a person despite previous negative experiences.

Wayne Reveals His Relationship with His Ex-Wife

Wayne and Mandie have moved on from their relationship but remain close friends. Also, Wayne Brady gets along well with Jason, Mandie’s boyfriend. The famous comic and actor has even claimed Jason as a relative.

Wayne Brady elaborated on why they have something so unusual. It’s a shame, in his opinion, that it’s so unique; he wishes people could have more relationships based on genuine affection and friendship rather than biological ties alone.

Their fans have seen hilarious films of the four dancing together, setting an example that Wayne and Mandie have put online for others to follow. It appears that they are a harmonious, blended family.

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