Uncovering Everything You Need To Know About ‘Breaking Bad’ and Its Number of Seasons!

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Narinder kumar
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Breaking Bad has five seasons. There were 62 episodes of the series throughout five seasons. The series finale was broadcast on September 29, 2013, and the pilot episode was first aired in January 2008.

The Breaking Bad: Original Minisodes consisted of several one-to-five-minute clasps, and 17 short episodes were released throughout three years through the Breaking Bad run.

The Idea for ‘Breaking Bad’ Came During an Emotional Meltdown

Gilligan was adrift in his career and plotted with a companion on ways to make money.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, the 53-year-old chief solemnly recalled their conversation where they contemplated odd career options like working as greeters at Wal-Mart or even cooking meth in an RV and traversing the Southwest. That vivid image of skyrocketing freedom has stayed with him since that moment.

Fortunately for everyone, he went with the idea and created a show that turned “Mr Chips into Scarface.” Yet he also knew to end the series before it became drained.

Uncovering Everything You Need To Know About 'Breaking Bad' And Its Number Of Seasons!

Vince Gilligan Intentionally Left Audiences Wanting More

Before developing the iconic Heisenberg, Gilligan was involved with many other projects; he even went back to working as a writer for The X-Files. According to him, his experience with this show helped him decide when it would be the perfect time to conclude Breaking Bad.

“I pushed harder than anyone for it to end when it did,” the showrunner told Digital Government operative.’

As someone making money from The X-Records, I would have been thrilled if it continued forever. But even before that, I had already become a show fan and was happy to be its writer for quite some time. It indeed was an enjoyable experience for me!

Unbeknownst to him, fans had grown weary of the show. When he looked up one day and saw that everyone was engrossed in something else, it hit Gilligan like a ton of bricks; you don’t want people to outstay their welcome – instead, leave them wanting more!

He Wanted Fans To Be Sad ‘Breaking Bad’ Finished

As opposed to wishing for the show’s imminent end, Gilligan fervently hoped that everyone would miss Walt, Jesse and the rest of the cast. “I was apprehensive about people suddenly turning away from Breaking Bad with a thought like I used to watch it; it used to be great,” he expressed.

“My aim was that instead, they’d plead ‘, Don’t finish yet!’ That is what I wanted – thankfully, we got just that! Thus as much as anyone else can take credit for this idea – my primary goal had been making sure we left on an all-time high rather than diminish past our peak.”

If you’re a Breaking Bad enthusiast, then you already know that the series’ legendary legacy lives on. Its prequel spinoff, Better Call Saul, is more successful than ever, and its follow-up TV movie El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, reveals Jesse Pinkman’s fate after the finale.

What Is Breaking Bad About?

Set in Albuquerque, New Mexico, between 2008 and 2010, Breaking Bad tells the story of Walter White – an ordinary high school science teacher who transforms into a ruthless drug lord to provide for his family after receiving news that he is suffering from terminal lung cancer.

Walter and his protégé Jesse Pinkman started by cooking small batches of meth in a mobile meth lab. Still, soon they perfected the art of creating more significant amounts of pure blue meth that became incredibly popular. To protect his identity, Walter took on the alias ‘Heisenberg’.

Walter’s dangerous involvement in the world of medications places him, and subsequently his family, at odds with the Medication Authorization Administration and Mexican drug cartels, including their local suppliers. This puts Walter and his loved ones dangerously close to harming as they face potentially life-threatening circumstances.

What Happened in Season 5 of Breaking Bad?

In the show’s fifth season, Walt and Jesse partner with Lydia from Madrigal Corporation to launch a brand new venture. With help from Todd, they tried to steal an entire train holding a massive amount of methylamine cargo. Unfortunately, their plan ended in tragedy when Todd murdered the sole witness – an innocent child.

The Medication Authorization Administration was making it difficult for Walt to keep track of those involved in his dealings, ultimately leading him to kill Mike. Fortunately, Lydia already knows the names and contacts Todd’s uncle Jack – a feared leader within the Aryan Brotherhood- who can assist.

Jack quickly dispatches those with binds to Madrigal and Walt. The primary half of the season closes with Hank figuring out that Walt is Heisenberg thanks to Gales’s journal, which has the initials “WW”.

As soon as Hank uncovers the truth about Walt, his cancer returns. He attempts to caution the DEA agent against the further investigation, yet instead of heeding the warning, Hank continues to pursue justice. In response, Walt plots a scheme designed to cast doubt on Hank’s identity and place him in danger by presenting himself as Heisenberg.
In the end, Jesse finally decides to side with Hank when he finds out Walt poisoned Brock. But this doesn’t stop Walt from making his last move: He convinces Jack to kill Jesse. In a desert standoff, it seems as if Hank has an advantage; however, Jack and his gang intervene and turn the tide by taking out both Gomez and Hank! When confronted again by Walter, Jesse discovers that Walter was present during Jane’s death – additionally learning that now they intend to keep him captive to use him as a meth cooker.
After crawling out of sight, Walt ensures that all his wealth goes to his family. He tackles the troublesome situation with Lydia by poisoning her and saving Jesse from the Aryan gangsters. To put an end to Todd’s criminal reign, Jesse utilizes a remote-controlled machine gun. Walt kills Jack
A stray bullet strikes Walt. In response, Jesse tearfully departs without finishing off his former mentor, and the series culminates with a wounded Walt collapsing to the ground as distant alarms sound in the background.

How Long It Would Take To Watch All Five Seasons of Breaking Bad Completely Has Been Revealed.

The Netflix show ran from 2008 until 2013 and starred Bryan Cranston as Walter White, a science teacher who makes meth to pay his medical bills after a cancer diagnosis.

Uncovering Everything You Need To Know About 'Breaking Bad' And Its Number Of Seasons!

Spanning five seasons, Breaking Bad’s debut run kicked off with seven episodes, while subsequent sets of the show featured 13 instalments each. For its final chapter, which was divided into two parts, 16 episodes were made available to viewers – making this season the longest one yet at 764 minutes or nearly thirteen hours!


Altogether, watching Breaking Bad completely without any breaks would take more than 60 hours, or around two days and 13 hours.

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