Up and Vanished Season 3: Confirmed or Cancelled? Latest Update!

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We’re as excited as you are! Are you ready to know if Up and Vanished Season 3 is confirmed to be released?

Let’s find out!

What is Up and Vanished All About?

Up and Vanished is an American crime drama television series. 

It is a Crime series based on Payne Lindsey’s podcast.

Payne Lindsey is the host of the investigative documentary-style podcast. The show looks into cold cases involving missing people by going over old leads, interviewing witnesses and locals, and conducting on-site investigations.

The Tenderfoot TV studios documentary filmmaker Payne Lindsey began researching the Tara Grinstead cold case in 2016 as a possible subject for a new film.

On August 7, 2016, he began looking into the disappearance of Tara Grinstead, a beauty queen, and schoolteacher from Ocilla, Georgia.

Up And Vanished Season 3

Lindsey became aware of Tara Grinstead’s case due to its status as the longest case file in Georgia state history. Still, he soon realized that his grandmother’s acquaintance was one of Tara’s last witnesses.

With no arrests in 11 years, the cold case was the largest case file in the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s history.

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Season 2 premiered in August 2018 and focused on Kristal Reisinger’s disappearance in Crestone, Colorado. Kristal, a young mother, went missing during a full moon drum circle in Crestone, Colorado. Crestone is regarded as a spiritual center for new age religions.

The Up and Vanished podcast won a Webby Award for Documentaries in the Podcasts & Digital Audio category in 2017.

When true-crime network Oxygen announced that a television special based on the podcast would premiere in 2018, here was where the TV series began.

This television show, which lasted slightly over an hour, focused on the investigation of the crime and the two persons who confessed to it. Lindsey and his team interviewed residents, including Tara Grinstead’s acquaintances and law enforcement officers.

The TV show combined real images and videos from the investigation with dramatic reenactments to relay the story just like how the podcast did. The investigation of Bo Dukes and Ryan Duke took up a significant portion of the episode.

The plot of Up and Vanished Season 3

Season 3 of Up and Vanished investigates the disappearance of a Native American woman. Payne Lindsey of Atlanta wants to use his podcast to raise awareness about missing women on reservations.

Up And Vanished Season 3

When the 20-year-old was last seen in June of that year, her family was concerned because they had not heard from her. Ashley’s friends uncovered possible evidence outside the reservation just two weeks after she vanished: a pair of red-stained boots and a ripped sweatshirt.

The episode will take listeners to Montana to investigate the 2017 disappearance of Ashley Loring Heavyrunner from the Blackfeet Nation Indian Reservation.

Up and Vanished Season 3: Release Date

Up and Vanished has yet to be officially renewed for a third season by Oxygen. There is no release date set for the Up and Vanished Season 3 as of March 2022. 

Furthermore, this does not necessarily imply that the show has been canceled.

The show may be on pause, and the premiere date for the following season has yet to be revealed.

Up And Vanished Season 3

Up and Vanished Season 3: Cast

There is currently no cast list available. Although we do not yet know who will star in Up and Vanished Season 3, here is a list of the past seasons’ cast.

  • Mark Krenik as State Trooper
  • Eric Reingrover as Colt Haynes
  • Riley Shepherd as Anette Seiger
  • Chander Daya as Catfish
  • Nicola Tombacco as Hippie Drummer
  • Dylan Mattina as David Martin
  • Bonnie Jean as Krystal Reisinger
  • Marine George as Jennifer Kesse
  • Patrick McGeough as Colby
  • Debby Gerber as Ara
  • Ana Markova as Molly Miller  

Up and Vanished Season 3: Trailer

Watch Up and Vanished Season 3 trailer below.

YouTube video

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