Victoria Season 4: Everything you need to know

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Charles kenny
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Surely, Victoria fans have been waiting for the release of Victoria Season 4 since the last episode. Daisy Goodwin created this historical drama to fill the slot of highly rated Downtown Abbey for ITV.

Victoria is a television drama series set in the pleasing British historical era. If you are a fan of Victoria, then you definitely missed the plot and the cast.

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With the cliffhanger of the last episode of season 3, fans are surely up for another part, and here’s what you ought to know.

What to expect on Victoria Season 4?

The show was first announced by ITV in September 2015. The production had begun shortly after with Season 1 where Princess Victoria was crowned as the new queen of England at the young age of 18, and it instantly became a hit. Victoria was then followed by another season where it conveyed how the queen balances her homely life with her husband Prince Albert and their children.

Season three, being the last so far, can be seen with a lot of internal drama where it was shown that there are multiple plots that run parallel to the royal family. And because there were so many unanswered plots, fans might already have an idea of the next plot.

The fourth season is then expected to be the harshest and the darkest of all the series as it will most likely occur in 1852 which is a period to be a violent era in London’s history.

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Expected Casts to Join

Throughout the whole series of Victoria, prominent British actors and actresses were always part of the show. Most likely, in the upcoming season, the people who played a major key role in the past will show up in the new episodes.

Casts Expected To Join Victoria Season 4

Jenna Coleman is an actress who might be recognized by many from the movie “Doctor Who,” will be part of the show as Queen Victoria. The role of Queen Victoria showcases her royal and home life as a monarch, and how she adjusts as things quickly shift in Great Britain.

The cast is also expected to be joined by Kate Fleetwood as Princess Feodora. Other significant characters who played important roles in the past episodes are Laurence Fox as Lord Palmerston, Ben Cartwright as Feargus O’Connor, and Tom Hughes as Prince Consort Albert. 

Expected Release Date

There have been talks of the latest season since the last episode of Season three that had aired in May 2019. However, there has been no official release date.

Although ITV has not yet renewed the show for Season 4, Goodwin made sure that it will be aired. They just have to make sure that there is the right amount of encouragement from the viewers and they will surely give in to the expectations of the fans.

Soon enough, Victoria will be airing this 2022 as an explosive and drama-packed season. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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