When will season 2 of Eva Lasting be released?

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Narinder kumar
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Will there be Eva Lasting Season 2 or Not? Let’s find out the details you need to know about the series. Eva Lasting is all set to debut, and here are all the details of the cast and episodes.

We have seen that the expectation goes high as soon as any series releases. It doesn’t matter whether it is a romantic theme or a dramatic theme, or an event that falls together into a different genre; fans wait for all these to put it on their wish list.

However, if we talk in particular about the upcoming series, all eyes go to the plot, casts, and episodes for which fans wait quite a long.

Among them is a series called Eva Lasting. The series is now in talk related to its romantic story and the dramatic effect it will have on fans. It is also known as La primera vez.

The series is all set to release on 15 February 2023. Netflix is the one who will give release and a push to this series that will come with the romantic story between the title character named, Eva and Camilo. These two would be seen as an open mind characters and rebellious at the same time.

Eva Lasting Season 2 Renewal Status

When Will Season 2 Of Eva Lasting Be Released?

It is a Columbia drama television series. The series is produced by a Colombian creator and an executive producer, Isabel Paramo. Some of the main cast are Isa Gracia, Cecilia Navia, and Francisca Estevez.

Dahi Garcia is the one who wrote the series, while the other hand, It is directed by Maria Gamboa and Mateo Stivelberg. Camilo and Eva explore the theme of romance in the story.

It is a story of a shy experienced young man who falls in love with a mysterious girl. The girl is quiet, open-minded, and the only student at an all-male college.

The running time of each episode would fall nearly 40 minutes. However, one can expect a bit more if it goes with plot driven scenario. Coming to several episodes then, it is not confirmed however, one can expect somewhere nearby 8 to 10. The series was shot at Columbia.

Cast Members In Season 2

Talking about the cast, the leading character is revealed which goes like Isa Garcia As Eva Samper, Emmanuel Restrepo, Francisca Estevez Navas, Sergio Palau, Julián Cerati, Adriana ArangoBrandon FigueredoMateo García, Chichila Navia, Verónica Orozco, and Santiago Alarcón.

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