Who is Dove Cameron Dating? Know the Latest Updates in 2022!

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Who is Dove Cameron Dating? Dove Cameron has been famous for a few years now. In 2013, she played both Liv and Maddie on the hit Disney show Liv and Maddie, which brought her a lot of attention. Ryan McCartan, a co-star on the show, was the first famous person she dated.

They started dating while the show was being filmed. When the show started, the two Disney stars made their relationship official. In 2016, they also started a band together called The Girl and the Dreamcatcher.

In the same year, McCartan asked Cameron to marry him. Unfortunately, about six months after they got engaged, they broke up. Find out more about Cameron’s relationships over the years by reading on.

Is Dove Cameron Dating Anyone in 2022?

Who Is Dove Cameron Dating? Know The Latest Updates In 2022!

At the time this was written, it looked like Dove was single. On her Instagram, there are no signs of a boyfriend or girlfriend, and the actress hasn’t talked about dating anyone in public recently.

Some fans started to think that Dove was dating fellow actress Veronica St. Clair after she posted a picture of them looking cozy together on her page. Dove and Veronica are seen holding hands in what looks like an airport terminal in the movie.

The star wrote in the caption: “My girl, my world. From 8,000 miles away, happy birthday! Us, forever.” As expected, some people thought that this meant that Dove and Veronica are dating, but the truth is that they are just close, long-time friends who like each othe.


  • Dove Cameron has been in a relationship with Thomas Doherty (2016 – 2020).

Why Did Ryan McCartan and Dove Cameron Break Up?

When McCartan and Cameron broke up in 2016, he said on Twitter that it was Dove’s idea to end their relationship.”We still care a lot about each other. Please be kind, because this hurts,” McCartan wrote on Twitter.

Cameron also talked about the breakup on Twitter, saying, “Thank you for your support and full hearts in this very intense and human time.” Ryan and I love each other a lot. “Life is lovely and long.”

Cameron told Seventeen that her relationship with McCartan was the first time she really got close to someone else. She called it her “first ever real relationship.” She also said that McCartan “put it in her ear” that she had to make everything look “perfect all the time.”

In 2017, Cameron and actress Kiersey Clemons posted a picture of themselves together on Snapchat, which led to rumors that they were dating. They were also seen kissing and holding hands at the same event. But neither person confirmed nor denied that they were dating.

Why Did Thomas Doherty and Dove Cameron Break Up?

That same year, on the set of Descendants 2, the Disney star met Thomas Doherty. Dove confirmed the relationship in an interview, but she also said that the two wanted to keep their relationship private.

During their time together, Dove always said nice things about him and their love. In 2019, she told Entertainment Tonight, “If I’m going to marry anyone, I think it’s going to be him.”

In 2020, after almost four years together, they broke up. She told everyone on Twitter: “Hi, everyone. @thomasadoherty and I decided to stop being friends in October. The choice we had to make was very hard, but we still love each other and will stay friends. Thank you for giving us space during this time.”

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