Who is Lexi Rivera Dating: How Strong is Her Relationship With Andrew Davila?

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As a result of her “My Ex Meets My New Boyfriend” TikTok video, American influencer, and TikTok star Lexi Rivera have been the subject of numerous “Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating?” inquiries. Read on to find out who is Lexi Rivera dating and more about Lexi Rivera.

Who is Lexi Rivera?

American social media starlet Lexi Rivera, located in Los Angeles, is famous among her 18.3 million TikTok and 6.79 million YouTube subscribers for her work. Rivera, who is twenty years old, is 5 feet and 5 inches tall and weighs 54 kg. John and Laura Rivera are her parents.

Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating: How Strong Is Her Relationship With Andrew Davila?

Her mother stays at home while her father runs a successful business. In addition, the famous internet celebrity has three brothers named Blake Rivera, Brent Rivera, and Brice Rivera. The width of Lexi’s chest is 32 inches, her waist is 24 inches, and her hips are 33 inches. Her green eyes and golden hair are equally beautiful.

Who is Lexi Rivera Dating?

It has been stated that Lexi Rivera is dating influential person Andrew Davila. Despite the lack of confirmation, the two have worked together frequently on social media videos and have known each other for quite some time.

After posting a video to her YouTube channel titled “MY EX MEETS MY NEW BOYFRIEND,” Lexi’s fans believe she is now officially dating Andrew. They say she used the video to trick her ex-boyfriend Ben Azelart into thinking she was seeing Andrew.

She also qualifies that they are “very good friends” despite the prank at the beginning of the video. Since he is always filming TikToks with Lexi for their accounts, fans assume that the two are secretly dating.

How Strong is Andrew Davila’s Relationship With Lexi Rivera?

In April 2020, he was interviewed by Awesomeness TV and revealed that he has never had a significant relationship with anyone. This has only gotten worse over the past several years, despite the fact that he has been linked to the more successful Youtuber Lexi Rivera, who has 8 million subscribers, 20 million TikTok followers, and 8.3 million Instagram followers. She is Brent’s sister, hence the Rivera sisters are linked.

Those who believe the couple actually exists say they came out via a YouTube video titled “My Ex Meets My New Boyfriend,” which Lexi allegedly posted.

In the video, Rivera fools her ex-boyfriend Ben into thinking she is seeing her coworker, Andrew.

In spite of this, neither member of the supposed couple has declared their connection in any official capacity. Amp Squad created a video in April of 2022 claiming Lexi and Andrew were dating.

It’s true that every once in a while, Lexi or Davila will post something on social media about how much they enjoy working together.

Davila asks Lexi whether she wants the kiss in an old Instagram story, and she says yes; however, Andrew throws her the middle finger, implying it was all in good fun.

There is still a mountain of photographic, video, and audio evidence that strongly implies they are already an item. There has been no shortage of conjecture, but neither side has confirmed it explicitly.

Lexi dated another YouTuber before getting together with Ben Azelart. They’d been together since they were teenagers.

Video of Lexi River Found on Youtube

In her newest video, Lexi discusses the accusations surrounding her past relationships. Dom Brack, Andrew Davila, Hayes Grier, and Ben Azelart were among the people whose names were mentioned in the film.

Ben received a higher rating from Lexi’s mom than any of the others (9.5 out of 10). Laura revealed that she had a soft spot for Lexi and Ben and was devastated by their breakup. You two were out for a long time, so Ben will always be significant to me in that regard. You were adorable when you were young.

YouTube video

At the video’s conclusion, Lexi clarified that she has only dated Ben among the boys named.

Lexi River Net Worth

The American YouTuber, actress, former gymnast, and social media personality Alexa Brooke Rivera is also known by her stage name, Lexi Rivera. She’s worth $2,000,000 all things considered.

Brent Rivera, her brother, is largely responsible for her notoriety. We were able to see Lexi’s development from an aspiring vlogger to an established YouTube star by means of his channel. For the sole purpose of showcasing Lexi’s gymnastic abilities, Brent launched the channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Lexi Rivera’s Boyfriend?

Lexi Rivera’s boyfriend is Andrew Davila.

What Tiktok User Name Has Lexi Rivera?

The official account for Lexi Rivera is @lexibrookerivera.

How Much Money Does Lexi Rivera Make?

With 8.35 million YouTube subscribers, Rivera reportedly makes $18,000 from each video. She would need a $25k payment for any YouTube-sponsored video she collaborated on

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